Scope Of CBD In The Treatment Of Dementia


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Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, Vascular Dementia, Frontotemporal dementia, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are some of the dementia-related conditions that can be alleviated with the aid of CBD.

Recent scientific studies in this area have indicated the possibility of using CBD therapy to help manage some of the symptoms associated with dementia. CBD based drugs are approved for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy. But the potential use of CBD based drugs in dementia patients is yet to be legalized.

Benefits Of CBD Based Therapy

CBD based treatment can have numerous health benefits for patients suffering from dementia. CBD based drugs can help reduce inflammation in the body and reduce oxygen build-up. Such drugs may also help stimulate the brain and act as neuroprotectants. CBD infused drugs have been claimed to have abilities to eliminate protein tangles believed to be responsible for brain ailments including dementia. These drugs may also be helpful in eliminating dead brain cells.

Most dementia patients suffer from stress and resultant anxiety. CBD is known to have properties that can considerably alleviate stress and anxiety in people with dementia. It can also aid with better movement and help prevent the decline of memory and brain functions. CBD may have psychoactive effects on the people who consume it. The effects mostly will be non-intoxicating and may prove beneficial to people suffering from dementia related symptoms.

Potential Hazards Of CBD Use

The reluctance of the FDA to approve large-scale use of CBD infused drugs stems from the fact that none of the claims made by CBD manufacturers or users have been scientifically proven. Neither are the potential side effects of prolonged usage of the drug studied in detail. High doses of CBD have been reported to increase tremors in dementia patients. A few have had to discontinue the use of the medicine due to liver problems.

CBD, when used in high doses, may cause damage to organs like the liver. It may also affect the effectiveness of various drugs that the user may take. There also remains the question of drug dependence and abuse in long-time users of CBD. Although all the studies so far point in the opposite direction, a definitive conclusion regarding the same can only be drawn after thorough research and extensive clinical trials involving human subjects.

The benefits, as well as adverse effects of CBD infused drugs, are yet to be proven scientifically. Hence, for the time being, it is safe to assume that CBD infused drugs can be beneficial to dementia patients when administered with caution.

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