Cash For The Holidays: Side Hustles To Earn Extra Income


We already know what we want for Christmas but we also want to give presents in return. Sometimes it’s difficult to do so when the things we want to buy for our friends and family are almost unaffordable. Thankfully, the holidays are also the season for countless side-hustling opportunities. There’s no shortage of ways to earn extra income when many are too busy to do their usual chores— they need help around the house and you can do many of those for them.

Here are a few examples.

Side Hustles To Earn Extra Income for the holidays

Most side hustles you can get by this Christmas are easy. You don’t need to have an extraordinary amount of skill in your arsenal to earn extra income, but it helps, too!

  • Hang Others’ Christmas Decor

Help homeowners make their houses Santa-ready by hanging their Christmas lights around their houses. Set up their Christmas tree or wreath.

  • Deliver Food

Many are too busy to cook home-cooked meals so they order takeout instead. Get their grub in time by delivering it to them. You can use your car or your bike.

  • Sell Your Baked Goods

‘Tis the season people cheat on their diet, and nobody can judge anyone for that. If you can bake goods, you might as well sell them. Make gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, a Yuletide log, or anything people don’t care about the calories for this season.

  • Look After Kids

You can babysit kids when their parents are going to be out— and they surely will be out and about this season as they’re preparing for the holidays.

  • Take Care Of Family Dogs

Families are busy preparing for Christmas and their pets are sometimes left alone. You can ease their worry about their four-legged companion by walking their dogs or dog-sitting for them.

  • Tend People’s Homes

Sometimes it’s not the kids nor the family pet that needs tending. It’s the house itself. Many go on holiday vacations elsewhere and they want to ensure their house is secured. Perhaps you can be their home’s temporary dweller.

  • Sell Your Crafts

You’re not the only one who needs to buy presents for friends and family. A lot of people are also looking for gifts to buy. You never know if your craft hobby is the perfect present someone is looking for. Try selling your crafts on the internet. You can post it on sites like Facebook’s Marketplace or Etsy.

  • Wrap Christmas Presents

Wrapping Christmas presents takes a lot of time, and others are too busy to do that. If you have time on your hands, you can do that for them.

  • Clean Houses

Nobody talks about the holiday madness and how chaotic homes can get. People rearrange their houses to make room for their Christmas decorations. As a result, their residence gets very messy. Try cleaning their houses for them.

  • Deliver Christmas Trees

Christmas isn’t complete without its pièce de résistance— the Christmas tree. Almost every homeowner wants one in their house so there’s no shortage of people needing it delivered to their door. You might as well do it for them.

  • Transport Furniture

A holiday greeting card can be very important to some families. They make an effort that it’s not just them who look good, they also want their furniture and background to look festive; many of them buy new furniture pieces for that. In addition to that, several visitors also come over for the holidays and the hosts want their family and friends to have enough space and accommodation. Try helping them transport and assemble their furniture.

Final Note

The holidays are a very busy season. A lot of them don’t have enough time to do all of what they have to do. If you’re looking for a side hustle to earn extra income for the presents you want to buy, you can find one (or more) easily. Your side hustles to earn extra income for the holidays doesn’t have to include expensive resources or extreme skills. Sometimes, it’s just the simple chores you can help people with.


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