Are Olympic Athletes Allowed To Use CBD?


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Anyone who has even a casual interest in sports is familiar with the strict anti-doping regulations that govern Olympic competitions. Famous drug cheating cases, most famously Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson in 1988, remain long in the mind — and these are only the incidents that received widespread notice.

Olympic competitors are subjected to almost continual drug testing. Anti-doping officials collect urine samples from Olympic athletes on a regular basis, frequently without warning, and test them for illegal drugs. These tests are primarily intended to detect steroid and other performance-enhancing substances usage. The World Anti-Doping Agency also prohibits the use of recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana strictly.

This creates the question of whether athletes can use CBD because this cannabinoid compound is also present in marijuana. Fortunately, Olympic athletes can use CBD oil as long as it does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid present in marijuana.

Recent Changes In The CBD Rules For Sports

CBD use at the Olympics was first allowed by WADA in 2017. They’ve changed their policies to ensure that CBD is legal in the Olympics. Even if WADA’s standards have been loosened, athletes must still be cautious not to fail drug tests.

THC level cannot surpass 0.3 percent while using CBD for sports. A recent survey of around 250 CBD oil brands revealed that nearly half of them exceeded this limit. Furthermore, even those that are claiming to be THC-free contained enough THC to be identified in a drug test. The amount of CBD Oil taken will determine whether this exceeds the Olympic athlete’s allowable 0.3 percent.

Professional athletes will most likely continue to use CBD despite these issues. Risk versus reward, like with most things in the modern world, must be balanced, and the latter can be significant for a seasoned Olympian.

Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

Olympic competitors devote their entire lives to training. As a result, athletes are subjected to significantly more physical strain than the average person. Athletes often find it difficult to get through the day due to joint pain and recurring muscular problems. The most significant advantage of CBD for athletes is the pain reduction it provides. The pain impulses conveyed to the brain are blocked when an athlete rubs CBD Oil into painful, sore joints.

CBD will probably be utilized to recover after workouts and training routines in the Olympics, in addition to daily pain treatment. Muscles will relax and bounce back quickly, thanks to CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, athletes benefit greatly from the mental health advantages of CBD.

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