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Moulin Rouge! The Musical: NYC Broadway Week Just Kicked Off


I hope you don’t mind that we put down in words how wonderful life is… now that Broadway Week is having us buy 2 tickets for the price of 1! This is it, fellow “theater kids” — we can watch Moulin Rouge! The Musical with our favorite Broadway buddies!

But if Moulin Rouge! The Musical is too awkward to watch with a friend, here are your other options:

Some NYC Broadway Week Musicals to Watch:

The Lion King

There’s no shame in crying every time we witness Mufasa die. After all, it’s “the circle of life.” The Lion King may be a childhood favorite film of yours, but as an adult, try to appreciate the African influences in their costumes and songs. Also, there are a few changes in the plot if you compare this musical vs. the animated film.


Some say that — next to Shakespeare — Lin-Manuel Miranda is the second most famous playwright to exist. So far, nobody’s debunked it yet. Regardless of that unofficial title, what is official, however, is that this Puerto Rican-descent filmmaker, composer, playwright, and lyricist has three Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, two Emmy Awards, a Pulitzer Prize…and, you get the point! This man is an artistic genius!

If you haven’t watched Hamilton yet (and we don’t blame you if you want to watch it again!), this musical is not the typical belting type. They rap many songs here. We repeat — they rap! About what, you ask? — the life of our Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

P.S. If this still doesn’t convince you that Hamilton is worth watching, Lin-Manuel Miranda also composed the Encanto songs.


The Wicked Witch of the West is back to defy gravity — and nobody, in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring her down this Broadway Week. If “Defying Gravity” isn’t your cup of tea to belt out, though, at least you still have Wicked’s “Popular” song. Also, you know it’s about time that we witness the backstories of “villains we hate to love” — like Elphaba’s.


Aladdin (the musical…or himself — or Jasmine) are also ready to show you a whole new world. This shining, shimmering, splendid musical is also a childhood classic to watch. Aladdin may be a 1992 animated musical film but if a cartoon magic carpet ride doesn’t appeal to you anymore, why not experience the actual magic live?

In case you’re not convinced enough to watch Aladdin, the singing voice of Jasmine (in the film) was Lea Salonga’s (she’s also a Broadway staple). And the Filipino native also lent her voice in Mulan — as Mulan herself! Disney may have set the bar high for other performers (although, of course, they all deliver — in their unique ways!), but this goes to show how they only cast the best of the best — because you don’t deserve an experience less than that!

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

They say theater is the highest form of art — because of the talents cast to fulfill the roles assigned to them — but if you truly want to admire musicals beyond the acting, singing, and dancing, check out Moulin Rouge! The Musical’s costume and set production.

Spoiler alert: it may or may not be more iconic than Christina Aguilera and the gang’s take on the costume design in their Lady Marmalade music video!

Musical Fans: Unite!

If fashionistas have Fashion Week, and food connoisseurs have Restaurant Week, theater kids have NYC Broadway Week to saturate our eyes, ears, and hearts with musicals that are so exceptionally produced, that even the non-musical lovers know and rave about them. Get your 2-for-1 tickets to any of these musicals before Broadway Week ends!

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