Vick Tipnes – Teaching Entrepreneurs how to Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business


For many, being an entrepreneur entails more than being a business owner. It’s a lifestyle and a dedication to pursuing your path to becoming your boss. But it can also be a treacherous journey with numerous hardships and uncertainties that you must deal with. Despite the risks and challenges, hundreds of people take the plunge into entrepreneurship every year, each one resolved to carry their idea through to fruition and meet a real social need. These people create new goods and services by establishing traditional companies or introducing innovative technological ventures.

Healthcare entrepreneur Vick Tipnes believes that you can too realize your entrepreneurial success with the correct attitude, drive, and preparation. According to Vick Tipnes, the key to entrepreneurial success is to work on your business rather than in your business. This means you are not only the business owner but the business itself. Simply put, you are in charge of the overall vision and success. As the business owner, only you will be genuinely invested in seeing the firm succeed. Delegating the work that you can to others will free up time for you to focus on developing a winning business strategy.

Vick Tipnes is a successful entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Blackstone Medical Services and Tipnes Capital. He is also the founder of The Rise Conference, an impactful program that covers a range of themes under the broad umbrella of education systems thinking. According to Vick Tipnes, The Rise Conference is designed to inspire you to rise to your fullest potential in four areas of your life to have the Max Life you always dreamed of. The four quadrants of a Max Life are personal, relationships, business, and community.

“I want to teach driven individuals about the skills that I have learned, business advice, and how to scale a business to becoming part of the 1% and having great relationships at The Rise Conference,” Vick says.

Vick Tipnes also encourages young entrepreneurs to be professionals at such an extremely high standard that no one can even touch them. Take a comprehensive approach to life’s details and what you do. He emphasizes the need to break things down to a microscopic level in what you do and add value to every second of it. Make it so that no one can do it better than you. Do this to make your business flourish.

Having a profound industry network is also essential for your growth. You can be your own master, but Vick believes you should partner with others who share your dream. Also, be selective with the network you attract.

“Do not let others get in your way. If you want to succeed in life, you must get rid of toxic people. Once I built healthy relationships and found the proper support systems, my business scaled by 256% in three years,” Vick adds.

A born philanthropist, Vick wants to host more Rise Conference events to inspire business owners, young entrepreneurs, and many others who want to excel. His goal for the next decade is to create a dynasty of companies and is already building 100 Tipnes Health clinics to continue scaling his companies to reach a net worth of 3 billion dollars.

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