Paris Hilton Welcomes First Baby: A Timeline of the Heiress’ Life


Many would say that Paris Hilton, who now welcomes first baby, was the first influencer. The heiress changed reality television, coined new phrases, and just recently, Paris welcomed her first baby with her husband, Carter Reum. Being in the public eye for a while now, people witnessed Paris Hilton’s life unfold — and there are way too many events in her life that transpired.

Now that Paris Hilton welcomes first baby, here are some milestones of her life. 

The Not-So-Simple Life of Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton is an heiress to Hilton Group of Hotels, the model-turned-business-mogul was around glamorous and wealthy people. She may not have needed to subject herself to a cutthroat type of work, but Paris decided to pursue modeling and acting.

Paris Hilton’s “Breakout”

While some may argue that Paris Hilton became famous because of a leaked sex tape, her actual breakout on television was when The Simple Life aired. Paris, along with her BFF (Best Friend Forever) at the time, Nicole Richie, had to live “normal” lives and do regular jobs. Being the heiress and socialites that they are, viewers were entertained by how the duo tried to work in farms, fast food joints, airlines, and many more.

Because of The Simple Life’s popularity, Paris Hilton also had countless opportunities to appear on other shows and movies, and be the face of several brands.

Capitalizing and Captivating the Public Attention

During the early 2000s, Paris Hilton (according to her) had to put on a “dumb blonde” act. She became instantaneously recognized because of the fashion trends that she started — blonde hair, pink clothing, oversized sunglasses, designer bags, and shoes. Even her chihuahuas became part of her fashion.

Paris Hilton was one of the first people to become “famous for being famous” — naturally, this didn’t sit well with the public. She constantly received insults; they say that Paris was talentless, a bimbo, and that she was out of touch with regular people’s reality — but she didn’t seem fazed by these, for the most part, at least; Paris still went on to pursue a music career where she released the song Stars Are Blind. Eventually, she also became a DJ.


Being a paparazzi favorite, Paris Hilton is a celebrity whose controversies can’t easily fly under the radar — especially when the media amplifies whichever issue she’s facing. Paris has had bouts with the police before when she was arrested with a DUI charge in 2006. A few months later, her license was suspended. Again, a few months later in 2007, she was sentenced to a 36-month probation for driving recklessly.

But that didn’t stop there, Paris was arrested again for the same offense plus for driving with a suspended license — this resulted in her going to jail. But driving-related charges weren’t her only offenses. She also had a few drug-related charges such as alleged marijuana and cocaine possession.

Paris Hilton’s Dating Life

Like most women in Hollywood who’ve had high-profile relationships, the media and the public have always been inclined to vilify them (like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashian sisters, Katy Perry, and so on) — Paris Hilton was one of them; the heiress dated fellow celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Carter, Edward Furlong, Doug Reinhardt, Benji Madden, and other unconfirmed ones.

Where Paris Hilton Is Today

Ever since YouTube Originals released the This is Paris documentary, a lot of people saw Paris Hilton in a different light — she shared the abuse she experienced when she was in boarding school as well as let people know that her “dumb blonde” image was an act all along.

These days, Paris Hilton is a married woman who recently welcomed her first child with her husband Carter Reum via surrogacy. Though she’s not as visible in the limelight anymore, she also seems to be involved in fewer controversies.

“That’s Hot!”

Paris Hilton had a significant cultural impact during the early 2000s. She doesn’t have a squeaky clean image that many parents would want their children to look up to, but the heiress seems unfazed by what people thought of her — after all, she willingly embodied the “blonde bimbo” character for so long. But now that she revealed who she truly is, the heiress seems to now prefer living a “normal life” (and not the “simple life” she tried to live).

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