The Best Fart Fetish OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Everyone has a unique fetish, and today we’re bringing in the babes who are a lot less focused on what’s getting inserted to their ass, and much more interested in what’s coming out. These farting Onlyfans babes are gassy and gorgeous, and they’re going to provide all the nastiest farting content you can shake your fist at.

These Onlyfans fart fetish providers aren’t jumping on some bandwagon – these ladies are like you. They love it, and they enjoy the thrill of their content creation. They aren’t adding farts to their menu to please a niche – farting is the main course, and the rest is added fun. You wanted the best, so enjoy the best fart Onlyfans babes of 2023:

Best Fart Fetish OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Fart Fetish OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

The Best Onlyfans Fart Fetish 

Goddess Farts – Best Overall


  • Over 9,000 Likes
  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • Custom Content


Where to Follow:


About Goddess Farts:

When you want to see a true Goddess let ‘em rip, you want the extremely popular Goddess Farts. This curvy babe claims that her fart fetish Onlyfans is the best, and for good reason. Everything is real – the farts, your Goddess’ ass, everything.

Here you’ll find her bare ass farts, her wet farts, leggings and panty farts, and a lot more. She posts clips onto her main feed, and if you want Onlyfans exclusives, she offers them at a huge discounted rate. Of course, the best option is to get yourself some custom farting action, and Goddess Farts will help you out with that.


The Fart World – Best Multi-Model Account


  • Over 800 Videos
  • Multiple Models


Where to Follow:


About The Fart World:

Fart World is like Disney World, only instead of beloved mascots, they have sexy models, and instead of wholesome messages, these models have gas. Fart World is a collaborative account, where they source farting clips from numerous stars and post them multiple times daily.

The models include Fanny, Lulu, Indica, Freya, Brooke, Luna, Bailey, Kyra, Lea, Tanya, Eve, Audrey, Destiny, Ashley, Lexi, Lucki, Cherry, and so many more. These ladies are all beautiful from their heads to their toes, and they all catch their hot farting action on camera, all for you. Join Fart World, and don’t forget to take advantage of their long-term subscription discount.


Mariposa Farts – Best Backlog


  • Nearly 800 Videos
  • Over 200 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Mariposa:

The lovely Mariposa is one sexy cam girl, and she loves to fart for her fans. Whether she’s showing off the panty lines in her outfit and letting a few go at once, or she’s preparing for her hot date, and farting for her fans in secret, you know you’re in for some fun.

Mariposa is a popular woman with a huge backlog of content, and she loves to create more. Her page is a bargain for fart fetish only fans content, and you’ll definitely want to stick it out for the long haul to see – or hear – whatever else she has coming. She may act coy, but she loves it.


Princess Kristi – Best Schedule


  • Nearly 700 Posts
  • Over 11,800 Likes
  • Theme Days


Where to Follow:


About Princess Kristi:

Princess Kristi is girl fart Onlyfans royalty, especially with the amount of content she posts, and the sheer effort she puts in to keeping it interesting. Not only does she post daily, but she promises her members 3 clips each week, 4 naughty pics weekly, and some extremely discounted full-length videos.

Princess Kristi has a fun posting schedule: MILF Monday always includes a sexy farting clip, while Tantalizing Tuesday has a naughty XXX photo. Wet Wednesday is another naughty fart clip, Thursday needs no description, and you can expect a steamy picture. Frisky Friday sometimes has cheap videos, other times it has cheap clip sales depending on which Friday of the month it is. Sexy Saturday has a hot picture, and the Sunday Surprise involves a fetish clip. Check out Princess Kristi, otherwise you’ll be missing out.


Eva Farts – Best Merch


  • Over 300 Videos
  • Nearly 9,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundle


Where to Follow:


About Eva Farts:

Eva’s pretty hilarious – greeting you with the message, “so you’ve chosen the noisy porn!” She then promises she won’t make her description too long winded, and if she keeps up the bad puns, we’re going to fall in love! Eva’s porn is the best fart porn in the world, according to her, and you can unlock it all by subscribing to her Onlyfans.

When it comes to Onlyfans farting, you can also request custom content where you can see your naughty fantasies re-enacted. Eva even sells fart jars and panties, so you can further immerse yourself in her experience. If you go for her biggest subscription bundle, she’ll even throw in a free farting dick rate as a thank-you gift.

Vicktoria Tacos – Sexiest Storyteller


  • Nearly 500 Posts
  • Over 64,000 Likes
  • Daily Content


Where to Follow:


About Vicktoria Tacos:

Vicktoria loves to provide all the best, stinkiest fart content the internet can ask for. This Canadian cutie posts plenty of exclusive content, which stays on the page for thirty days, before it fades away with the wind. Don’t worry, she has lots coming constantly.

Vicktoria loves POV farts, storyline farts, compilations and true-fart stories, and there’s always more to purchase if you want some. Vicktoria loves to chat in the DM’s, so don’t be shy to reach out and let her know what clips are your favorites. This fart Onlyfans star would love to hear from you.


Gassy Taylor – Best Fart Slave Content


  • Over 10,000 Likes
  • More than 140 Videos
  • 500 Fans and Rising


Where to Follow:


About Gassy Taylor:

Gassy Taylor is the fart queen of Onlyfans. She’s sexy, she’s smelly, she’s gassy, and she’s going to have some huge rank farts for her fans to enjoy. She doesn’t stop there. For your subscription price (which is a real bargain), you can watch her fart directly into her slave’s nose and mouth daily.

Taylor loves what she does, and her slave must love it as well, because they keep bringing the content, and her fans have spoken. They want more and more. This only fans fart fetishist is only happy to provide, so be sure to thank her.


Fart Queen – Best Customs


  • Nearly 2,000 Likes
  • Over 300 Photos
  • Award Winning


Where to Follow:

  • Onlyfans: @galoreofass
  • Twitter: @galoreofass


About the Fart Queen:

For all things ass and sass, check out the lovely Fart Queen. She has a lotta ass to go with her gas, and she’s happy to provide it all for her loyal fans. With a subscription, she has extra content always ready for purchases if you want more.

The Fart Queen doesn’t come cheap, but Onlyfans fart content that’s high quality is hard to come by. This dirty little devil loves to please her fans, and even offers custom content creation for a pretty reasonable price. Check out the Fart Queen for what you need, and she won’t let you regret it.


Olivia Farts – Most Passionate


  • Over 500 Videos
  • Short and Long-form Videos


Where to Follow:


About Olivia:

Olivia knows it ain’t easy being wheezy, but someone’s gotta do it. This 30-year-old Scottish treat knows that you’ve found her page because you love to see beautiful women fart, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. For fart fetish Onlyfans content, you’ve come to the correct place.

Olivia has over 500 farting clips of all sizes, from short and sweet, to long-form. She has new content coming regularly, courtesy of all that fine Scottish cuisine. Olivia has too much fun being a fart fetishist, if one can have too much fun at it, and she’s excited to bring you more.


Hadley Emerson Farts – Always Ready for More


  • Over 1,000 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • $5 / Month


Where to Follow:


About Hadley Emerson:

Hadley Emerson is a long-term fart enthusiast, who really loves that her farts are giving men boners. That’s her superpower, and she’s posting all her naughty noises directly to her Onlyfans. As many as she has, she’s got right on her page, and she promises more to come.

Hadley loves Onlyfans farting, whether she’s making video clips, or impromptu recordings on her phone when she feels one coming on. At five bucks a month, you can’t get much better, so be sure to check out what Haley is producing (in more ways than one) for a great time.


Fart Onlyfans Models FAQ’s

Who are the best girl fart Onlyfans creators today?

When you want the best fart Onlyfans accounts, look no further, because we’ve got them all right here. You have Goddess Farts and Fart World, Mariposa Farts and Princess Kristi. Eva Farts and Vicktoria Tacos are amazing, as is Gassy Taylor, the Fart Queen, Olivia Farts, and Hadley Emerson Farts. I don’t know if we said farts enough times in this paragraph, so here’s one more: farts.

While these are the current cream of the crop, there are many more babes letting it rip out in the world, and we’re determined to find and bring them to you. Until then, enjoy our favorites!

What do the top farting Onlyfans girls make?

Like a fart in the wind, figuring out what the best Onlyfans fart fetish babes make is difficult to pin down. We know the top 1% of Onlyfans babes make around $10,000 and up monthly, which is just wild. We also know the top 10% of Onlyfans creators are making thousands monthly.

On average though, most creators are only making a few hundred bucks each month. It’s doubtful that our favorite farters are in the top 10% of Onlyfans creators, as it’s a niche fetish, so your guess is as good as ours.

Which of the best fart fetish Onlyfans creators shouldn’t be missed?

When you want top quality Onlyfans fart content, look no further. Goddess Farts is our favorite fart fetish provider overall, and Fart World has a number of amazing models who regularly pass gas. Mariposa has an amazing backlog, and Princess Kristi has a fun daily schedule you want to catch. Eva will sell her farts, Vicktoria can spin a true farting story like nothing else.

Gassy Taylor loves to make her fart slave take a face-full, and the Fart Queen will create some amazing customs for you. Olivia truly loves what she does, and Hadley Emerson can’t get enough. These fetishists shouldn’t be missed, so check them out!

How do I grow my own Onlyfans fart fetish account?

If you have your own Onlyfans fart fetish account, you’ll want to ensure your fans will know what they get when they find it. Have a description of your content, and be sure to post consistently. Of course, that’s just the start.

To really grow the page, you want a consistent brand across many social media platforms. You should have an Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit page, and be posting where other potential subscribers can find you. Do that, and your account will grow. You might even end up on one of our Best of lists in the future!

How does Onlyfans pay its creators?

Onlyfans pays its fart fetishists by the month. They make money in tips and subscriptions and whatever else, which goes into a holding account. Once that account passes a certain threshold, it gets processed, and lands in the creator’s bank account.

Pretty sweet deal! Onlyfans takes a cut off the top before it pays (one of the lowest cuts in the business), which is standard affair. If you’re a new fart Onlyfans creator, keep in mind that your account needs to meet a minimum threshold before you’re eligible to collect, but it’s not too much. You got this.


Fart Onlyfans In Conclusion  

If you’re sitting there thinking that this list stinks, you’re very welcome. That’s the point! These are the best fart Onlyfans providers from around the globe, after all. While these may be the best, there’s a lot more gassy gals striving for their time in the spotlight. While you sit back and enjoy, we’ll seek out even more noxious babes to feature.


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