Top 10 Best OnlyFans Chubby Males


Finding the best OnlyFans chubby males and making it a good cross section of different types of people within that niche was a labor of love.  We wanted to show you not just chunky guys, but guys who have gone through a fitness transition and also just big guys who like to let it all hang out.  We think we did it.  

All of these creators are talented.  Some are amateurs just having some fun and some are truly dedicated to the craft of being an OnlyFans model and performer.  These guys have proven that they are the top OnlyFans chubby males. So here, in our humble opinion, are the Best OnlyFans chubby males of 2023.

Best Chubby Males OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Chubby Males OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Hottest 10 OnlyFans Chubby Males 

Max Small – Best Chubby Farm Boy



  • Over 1,400 Photos and Almost 1,000 Videos
  • New Zealand Farm Boy


Where to Follow:


About Max Small

This New Zealand farm boy will charm the pants right off of you. His fat guy Onlyfans appeal also comes with 9.1 inches of sweet, sweet girth Max posts lots of photos and videos out on the farm, doing jobs in and out of the house, occasional gym content, bulking content, and so much more! All of content is free to view once you’re subscribed so click that button and get to know Max on a personal level

Max loves to hit his DMs and get to know his fans and what they want. Is it chubby gay OnlyFans?  Is it farm boys from around the world?  Let him know.

Teddy Bear – Hairiest Chubby Guy



  • Over 1,700 Photos and Almost 825 Videos
  • Hairiest man on OnlyFans


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About Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear lives up to his name and swears he never shaves and never trim anything. He’s proud to be the hairiest man on OnlyFans. So he’s not only one of the hairiest fat guys on OnlyFans. Let’s make sure everyone has that straight. Teddy Bear guarantees he’ll post 100% full XXX videos once a week.

He gives all of his fans unlimited access to all of his hairy fucking adventures.

Teddy Bear loves his gay chubby OnlyFans followers and makes sure to keep them happy with daily posts every day of the week. Plus he does verbal solo vids throughout the week, too.

Bear also loves taking fan requests and making custom fan content just for you. So make sure to message him as soon as you become a brother bear.


Steve Rickz – Best Role Playing Chubby Male


  • Over 2,100 Photos and Almost 1000 Videos
  • Chubby to Fit Transformation


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About Steve Rickz

Steve Rickz is a Model, content creator, spicy accountant, the bisexual boy next door. He’s got a fat ass like some of the other chubby men OnlyFans accounts we’ve put together, but he’s put in a lot of work to slim the rest of him down.  His OnlyFans page has so much great content, it’s hard to know where to start once you become a subscriber.

Some of the best things on his page include many videos that are 10-30 minutes long, the most ass you will ever see and lots of cock, too, tons of hot scenes, and Steve is a versatile switch. He knows what people want, especially chubby guy OnlyFans followers, so he’s big into one on one communication.  He also likes to spend a lot of time role playing and on a fetish or two.  He’s definitely one not to miss, so subscribe today. 

King of Custom Videos and Sexting – Best Chubby Male Explicit Content


  • Over 250 Photos and Almost 75 Videos
  • Explicit Content 


Where to Follow:


About King of Custom Videos and Sexting

Right out of an Austrian romance novel, the King of Custom Videos and Sexting, aka Hairy Musclebear, looks like he is from central casting.  And that’s a good thing for the OnlyFans chubby gay crowd, because this man’s got a lot to offer.  His account contains some really sexy content and the variety is sizzling, too.

When you become a subscriber, which you should run and do right now, you get full frontal nudity, uncensored, explicit content, free pictures and videos on his wall, and a promise that five to seven days per week there will be new sexy pictures or videos. This is one of the fat guys on Only Fans that really knows how to please an audience. 

Additionally, you can book sexting sessions, or custom made videos, too.


DEEK AESTHETIC – Best Chubby Guy Jerk Off Videos


  • Over 450 Photos and Almost 300 Videos
  • Jerk Off Videos


Where to Follow:



Is he a little chubby? Sure.  Is he also fit?  Yes, that, too. So really DEEK AESTHETIC has something for almost anyone. DEEK, aka Joesph, knows that fat gay OnlyFans followers like a little variety, and that’s what he has to offer. This sexy, provocative guy puts on a superb show and you’ll quickly find something you like when you subscribe to his page. 

His account features full nude content that you’re going to love. He’s got fuck videos, anal videos, and jerk off videos that are out of this world. Don’t worry, there are oral videos, too, in case you were wondering. There’s also plenty of free content and tons of pics to peruse at your leisure. This account is definitely a treat for gay chub OnlyFans enthusiasts.


TheGayGaston – Best Variety of Chubby Male Content


  • Over 2,740 Photos and Almost 920 Videos
  • Live Feeds and Bonus Videos


Where to Follow:


About TheGayGaston

TheGayGaston may be hairier than he is chubby, but there’s still a lot to love about this down to earth guy who is just trying to supply some great content to the masses. Chubby gay OnlyFans followers who love hairy dudes are gonna get one look at TheGayGaston and their mouths are going to start watering.  Being cool and sexy never goes out of style.

On top of the fact that every last inch of him is covered in hair, he’s got some great precedents that he doesn’t break when it comes to how he runs his account.  He doesn’t charge a lot of full videos, he isn’t constantly promoting other guys’ pages, he just wants his account to be one he’d want to subscribe to. 

Everything is included, except for the occasional optional $5 early access to videos, frequent posts, variety of content, live feeds, bonus videos as a thanks for any tips, and never any pushy ads.  He just wants everyone, including the fat guy OnlyFans followers, to have a lot of fun. 

Colby Jansen – Best Pan-Sexual Chubby Male


  • Over 2,700 Photos and Almost 400 Videos
  • Major Award Winner


Where to Follow:


About Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen refers to his fans and followers as the Wolf Pack and is eager to have you join.  He’s very thankful to each and every one of his subscribers. He’s a pan-sexual male who shares all of his experiences on OnlyFans and loves to interact and create with his Wolf Pack. Gay chubby OnlyFans followers will appreciate his openness, adventurous, and laid back attitude.

Colby spends all of his time both on his OnlyFans page and producing with some of the sexiest people around.  He is one of the only Male Talents to ever win all three major awards! He’s ready to have some fun! The more support he gets from the fat guys on OnlyFans, the more videos he can produce. So get on his subscriber list today!


VIKINGO ANACONDA – Biggest Chubby Male Cock


  • Over 700 Photos and Almost 150 Videos
  • Monster Cock


Where to Follow:



VIKINGO ANACONDA is ready to show you one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen, and we’re not kidding. He calls it the richest cock on Earth, and that’s a good name for it.  Chubby men OnlyFans accounts are filled with big guys, but VIKINGO doesn’t play around. He’s always looking for someone to swallow his cock or lend him their ass.  Will it be you? 

Subscribe to his pager and you will get access to full body and full face content. He does collaborations and duo videos with other hot creators. If you want to see someone fucking boys and girls with a monster cock, you’ve come to the right place. Have fun watching a blowjob video with a monster cock, masturbation pics and videos, dildo fucks cum eating, and finger play. This chubby guy OnlyFans account has a lot more to offer than a little extra meat on his bones. 


Tyler Wu – Best Chubby Male Asian


  • Over 400 Photos and Almost 350 Videos
  • Specializes in Boys Love Content


Where to Follow:


About Tyler Wu

This once chubby turned slimmer creator is your local asian boy. Tyler Wu speaks French, Spanish, and Cantonese. He specializes in boys’ love content, the cuter the porn, the better. Join him on his globetrotting as he catches up with the cutest boys, and posts new scenes every weekend! OnlyFans chubby gay followers look out, because you’re gonna fall for Tyler and there will be no looking back. 

Tyler posts a variety of links so that you can check him out for free before you subscribe.  And when you do decide to join the Tyler Wu fandom, there’s a link for that so you can save a little coin, too.  Tyler welcomes all requests and you can always catch him in his DM’s for a chat, he responds daily. If you need help finding a specific video just ask him and he will fill you in.  Fat guys on OnlyFans love this sexy international jetsetter, so hit that subscribe button and find out why. 


Cliff Jensen – Best Behind the Scenes Footage


  • Over 890 Photos and Almost 700 Videos
  • Fan Appreciation 


Where to Follow:


About Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen wants everyone to know that he loves, and we mean really, really loves, his fans. So many of you have been with him for years now, and he wants you to know he sincerely appreciates it. He loves sharing on the OnlyFans platform so he can show whatever he wants to show and have fun doing it.  Cliff thinks it’s great that this platform came around so that fit and fat gay OnlyFans can have their place.

On Cliff’s page you’ll get everything from behind the scenes footage to his personal hunting exploits to amusing personal rants – the videos you get will be about almost anything.

What he does guarantee is that you will always get is the real Cliff Jensen – uncensored and unashamed!  Many gay chub OnlyFans followers already know Cliff is an adult actor, a producer, and a big romantic.  So come on and join the party, there’s plenty of room. 


Best OnlyFans Chubby Male FAQ’s

You have questions?  We have answers. 

Who are the best Onlyfans chubby males today?

When you’re looking for the top Onlyfans chubby males, check out this super top ten list of great guys With creators like Max Small, Teddy Bear, Steve Rickz, King of Custom Videos and Sexting, DEEK AESTHETIC, 

TheGayGaston, Colby Jansen, VIKINGO ANACONDA, Tyler Wu, and Cliff Jensen, this list is definitely the best Only Fans chubby males. You know you’re in for a truly erotic, thrilling, energetic, and wild show when they’re all showing everyone how it’s done.

What do the top Onlyfans chubby males make?

Each one of these guys isn’t just chubby, they have other niches they fit into, too.  So that will help them go from hundreds in earnings per month, to thousands. These guys are just having fun and making it look so easy. That’s why they’re the best Onlyfans chubby males.

Which of the best Onlyfans chubby male creators shouldn’t you miss?

Max Small – Best Chubby Farm Boy

Teddy Bear – Hairiest Chubby Guy

Take the time to check them all out.  But if you only have time for a couple, Max Small, our best chubby farm boy, and Teddy Bear, our hairiest chubby guy, should be the first two on your list. 

One more thing that makes this list of guys the best chubby males on OnlyFans is how well they communicate and stay in touch with their fans. 

What do the top Onlyfans chubby males make?

OnlyFans creators can easily make hundreds of dollars each month.  Top Only Fans chubby males can make thousands a month, typically by posting quality content on a daily or almost daily basis. 

How do I grow my own top OnlyFans chubby male account?

First, don’t pigeonhole yourself.  It’s nice to have a niche but it’s also nice to have a broader fan base. Having a chubby guy OnlyFans account is great, but show what else you have, too. 

How does OnlyFans pay its best OnlyFans chubby guy creators (and others)?

When chubby men OnlyFans creators and other performers make their OnlyFans accounts, they link their bank accounts to their profile, the same way you’d do with Venmo or PayPal. If you set up an automatic recurring payment, your earnings will transfer directly into your linked bank account.


OnlyFans Chubby Male Conclusion 

Everyone has their preferences.  That’s why we have such a wide variety of accounts on OnlyFans.  We know that someone is just as likely to search for a chubby gay OnlyFans account as they are for a blonde bombshell bikini model.  That’s what makes the world go round.

We hope we brought enough variety for there to be something for everyone on this list.  Country boys, city, boys, and world travelers all had their spots. There are plenty more chubby men OnlyFans performers out there, so if you like these, check out some more, too. 


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