Dalby on Jacob Banks

Atlanta-based indie-pop artist Dalby told us about her Jacob Banks experience.


Dalby: My favorite concert that I’ve ever been to has got to be Jacob Banks’s “Lies About the War” tour at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta. Jacob Banks is an artist that my dad and I have grown to love and listen to for the past six years or so. His voice is incredible and his songs are so full of hurt and love which really made my dad and I want to see him live. We bought tickets to his show before it was postponed to a much later date, which we were bummed about but we were excited to go when the time finally came.

The show ended up being in October of 2022 and it was truly a surreal concert experience. Everybody was so kind and everybody was feeling the music on such a deep level. Jacob sounded even better than he does on recording, which is crazy to me, and his voice is so unique and soulful. The energy was immaculate and the band sounded great, and I think he is an artist that should be getting way more mainstream attention because he put on an amazing performance with such intent and power.

Dalby’s single “Prom” is out now.

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