Discover the Magic of Disney VIP Tours: Experience the Park Like Never Before


It’s already a given that Disney World properties attract millions of visitors annually, but Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is on a level all its own. Between 2019-2021, Walt Disney World had approximately 20.86 million visitors, and since millions of people flock to the resort each year, this makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

There’s a way to go to Disney World without walking through hot parking lots or waiting in long lines for rides. Visitors can also get special spots to watch the fireworks without having to do much planning ahead of time. On top of that, there is a way to gain all-day access to a Disney expert with pixie dust in their pockets and the keys to backstage passes.

Enjoying the Magic of Disney World, VIP-Style

This kind of magic isn’t made up or reserved only for A-list celebrities. Anyone ready to pay for the official Disney VIP tour guides can do all this and more. Disney employs a small “army” of top-level magicians who can be seen in their signature plaid vests in the parks, bringing small groups of lucky guests through back passageways and to the front lines.

Of course, the experience can cost visitors much more than navigating the park alone, $350 – $900 per hour with a 7 hour minimum per day, to be precise, but more and more people are willing to pay their hard-earned money to get the most out of their day at the park. After waiting a few hours to ride Avatar Flight of Passage in the Animal Kingdom while sitting on a banshee, one can get desperate enough to know how to get one of these “magicians” to take their group “out of the sun and into the fun.”

Perks of Getting the Official Disney VIP Tours

If they are willing to shell out extra money, visitors can discover how magical it is not to wait three hours to ride the banshee. Here are the perks of the Disney VIP tours and how visitors can get more magic out of a day when they don’t have to wait in line.

Customizable Tours

Visitors can alter their itinerary to include the activities that pique their interest with the help of their VIP tour guide or Disney Vacation Planner. They can pick the rides, performances, and theme parks they want to see, and their start and end hours. Visitors can also design an itinerary that suits their interests, whether they want to concentrate on the most popular roller coasters or discover how Disney magic is made behind the scenes. In other words, a Disney VIP Tour provides the most specialized and individualized experience at Walt Disney World.

Guests can choose who they tour with

Visitors who purchase the Disney Private VIP Tours can choose who travels with their group. Compared to other Disney tours, these visitors will have more one-on-one time with their guide and smaller groups. Disney will only match them up with tourists they know. As long as their group doesn’t exceed 10 people, they are free to invite family, friends, or anybody they choose. This is the best setup for a more specialized and VIP Disney World experience. And since everyone is welcome, it’s perfect for grandparents and families with young children.

Access to a Disney Expert VIP tour guide

The Disney Private VIP Tours are a fantastic way to explore the parks without stressing over travel arrangements since a Disney tour guide conducts each tour. Disney hand-selects and extensively trains their cast members, and they are warm, approachable, competent, and well-versed in all things Disney. They will cover all the details so visitors can unwind and have fun.

Additionally, they can ensure everything runs smoothly, since they’re excellent with children and sensitive to families’ requirements. The VIP tour guide has guests covered if they seek a stress-free approach to enjoying Disney’s magic.

No more waiting in line

Guests can experience the most rides in the least amount of time, thanks to access to unique doors that skip the standby lineups. The tour guide essentially acts as the fast pass to the Lightning Lane or side entry for a couple rides. There will be no waiting since VIP guests can skip in front of the line – this makes it unquestionably one of the best benefits of a tour. Even the most popular rides are available as many times as the VIP guests would like to ride them. By avoiding the lines, they can maximize their time in the park and produce priceless memories.

Making the magic possible

Everything sounds too good to be true. Considering that there would be instances when booking slots for the official Disney VIP tours would be next to impossible due to availability, it might as well be.

Visitors need not worry since there’s an excellent workaround or alternative for this unique experience. Five Star Orlando VIP Tours can provide a similar experience.

Voted #1 by families with children, this independent VIP Concierge service is a pioneer in organizing Orlando VIP Tours. The company, which is ranked top 10% worldwide on TripAdvisor, has assisted thousands of clients. It has also earned hundreds of five-star reviews and has been featured in CBS, USA Today, FOX News, and NBC.

With years of experience in Orlando, guests can count on the VIP Concierges of Five Star Orlando VIP Tours to make their Orlando vacation a memory they will cherish. Their customized itineraries, private VIP Assistants’ insider knowledge, and long-standing industry relationships will guarantee Orlando VIP Tour surpasses expectations.

Those planning a visit to Disney and wanting to experience the park like a true VIP will find the Five Star Orlando VIP tour the perfect choice, as they offer a range of tour options to suit guests’ needs and budgets, from half-day tours to full-day tours with some park-hopper options.

Guests can book their VIP tour at Disney by simply filling out an online booking form or calling Five Star at (407) 868-0857. The agency’s team is always ready to answer any questions guests may have and help them plan the perfect Disney experience.

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