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8 Signs Your Marriage Isn’t Going to Work Out


You probably know the statistics, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. What may be surprising is that some people who see these numbers and prepare themselves to get divorced actually go on to reconcile their relationship and live happily ever after.

A recent survey conducted in 2021 suggested that more than 85 percent of all marriages are still intact after one year. While this is promising news for newlyweds, it can be depressing for those who have been married longer than a year and probably feel like things will never get better between them and their spouses.

It’s not crazy to think about divorce when you’ve been in your marriage for five or ten years, but some signs could tell you that it might be time to give up on the whole idea of living happily ever after with someone. So read on and find out if your relationship is worth saving or if it’s time to throw in the towel.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Were Intimate

When you first got together, there was a lot of physical attraction and desire on both sides. However, after a few years, things might have slowed down or completely stopped between the two of you. When this happens in a marriage that has been going for more than five years, it makes sense to think about divorce.

If intimacy is dead in your marriage, then there is no reason to continue with something that will make you unhappy for the rest of your life. There’s only so long someone can go without sex before they start to look elsewhere for it.

You Want Your Spouse to Change, but They Just Can’t

Everyone gets tired of their spouse doing the same old thing all the time, and wanting them to change can be a significant problem in a marriage. If you’ve tried everything to get your spouse to change, but they just don’t seem interested in trying, then it’s time to pick up and leave because they’re never going to stop doing what they do.

You Feel Like You’re the Only One Trying

If you feel like all your energy is spent trying to reignite that spark that may have once been between you and your significant other, then maybe it’s time for both of you to move on. After five years, if one person isn’t willing or able to make an effort in making things better, then there’s no reason for things not to end.

There are No Plans Made for the Future Anymore

When two people first start dating, they plan what they want to do in the future together. Where would they like to go on their next vacation? Where do they want to retire? How many kids will they have? All of these are common questions that people ask when getting into a relationship with someone.

After five years, if you’ve talked about all those things and now there’s nothing left for you guys to talk about, then why continue with something that is slowly dying anyway. If your conversations don’t stray away from work or your pets, then maybe it’s time just to cut ties and move on. No one wants to be married only inside their own head.

You’re Only Staying Together Because You’re Afraid to Split Up Your Money

When two people get married, they often combine their assets so that everything is together. Some people say that the only reason they stay with someone after five years or more is because of what’s in their bank account. However, if you’re staying in your marriage for security reasons, then it may be time to find something else to do with your life.

You Don’t Care About Anything Your Spouse Says Anymore

If you used to take all conversations seriously but now see any conversation between the two of you as a chance to zone out, then maybe you should think about getting divorced. You don’t have anything in common anymore, and arguing over things like why the dishes need to be done will never end well.

You Have Opinions That are Completely Different

When you first started dating, there were probably a lot of things that you had in common. For example, you both liked going to the same restaurants or wanted to have children sometime during your life together. But after five years, if two people are no longer on the same page about anything, then it’s time to move on with your lives.

You’re Suspicious of Your Spouse

When you first get married, there are no secrets between each other. You can read any text message or e-mail your spouse receives, and they’ll have no problem telling you about it. But, after five years, if you’re constantly checking up on your spouse or checking their phone for sugar daddy apps, then there’s a good chance that one of you is going to cheat or just leave in general.

The Bottom Line

If all these signs ring true for you and your partner, then maybe it’s time to think about divorce instead of spending another five years with someone who doesn’t care about anything anymore. It might be tough to split up all the shared things between the two of you, but sometimes it’s necessary when someone isn’t trying to work out problems together with their significant.

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