Abe Foxman is an Egomaniacal Asshole. And a Racist.


Somehow we’re just seeing this, but Jeff Bercovici at Daily Finance reports today that Anti-Defamation League leader Abe Foxman had a fake Twitter doppelganger/satirist of him shut down at the request of the ADL.

The account was @AbeFoxman, but the account name was “(Not) Abe Foxman.” Yet, the ADL pushed through. The account was created in response to the ADL’s opposition to the “Ground Zero Mosque” (a mosque located two blocks from Ground Zero that recently received Mayor Bloomberg’s support). Yes: a Jewish organization telling Muslims where they can’t pray. Kind of like that time any group who have ever persecuted Jews have told Jews not to pray. The ADL also made headlines over the weekend when columnist Fareed Zakaria returned to the ADL a 2005 prize (and the $10,000 that came with it) they once rewarded him, in response to their opposition of the mosque. The ADL was “stunned and saddened” while everyone but the ADL was exhilierated to watch someone take a stand for once. Sorry, but people shouldn’t live in fear of someone who fear-mongers under the guise of a hyper-aggressive persecution complex just so he can answer to his Zionist backers. Abe Foxman is a corrupt dick.