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Adam Gunton: 5 Life Lessons I Wish Someone Had Given Me When I Was Younger


Everyone in this life has a beginning and humble start in their life. Even the successful and very wealthy people in the world had to start from somewhere. Their success stories are also filled with struggles, hardships, and cases of failures once or twice. It has exempted no one in this world from any battle. Adam Gunton, a very successful entrepreneur, shares five of the life lessons he wished they gave him when he was younger.

The first lesson is, in life, it is never that serious. No matter what situation you are going through, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. The second piece of advice is, drugs are never the way to go. It starts as a small habit then eventually sticks to be an addiction. If you are already struggling with addiction, you need to be open to getting all the help you need, including rehabilitation. Besides getting into a rehab center, you can tell of your recovery process to other young people who are struggling with addiction. Gunton has a platform that seeks to help recovering addicts get their purpose and mission right in life.

Third, it is your responsibility to make your hobbies or skills earn you a living. Try hard not to stay idle. Another brilliant piece of advice is to learn the art of self-discipline. Know when to stop, follow and keep time, and avoid procrastination. Last, learn how to believe in yourself. Avoid doubts and negative thoughts since that is not the right environment to harbor great ideas. Once you give space to negative reviews, you keep distracting yourself from fulfilling your purpose. Always keep your goals, dreams, and plans at heart and mind. If you can do this, you can slowly start keeping records of your progress. You deserve to love yourself; trust the process; it will pay off one day.

Hard work will always and has always paid off, so remember not to forget your goals even when struggling to recover from drugs. Adam Gunton has the heart to help those that are struggling with addiction and their recovery path.

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