Adapting to the Times with Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur Brosnan C. Hoban


There is no denying that the pandemic has transformed nearly every industry in the world over the past year and a half — and, the commercial real estate industry is no exception. According to Forbes, some of the changes include more affordable commercial rent prices, efficient online communication and sending in forms and payments digitally, with just the click of a button. The opportunities are endless as industries rebound, and entrepreneurs like Brosnan C. Hoban are positioning themselves to maximize their impact.

The Pittsburgh-based real estate entrepreneur grew up around the business. His father is another real estate magnate in the area, and Hoban learned the ropes firsthand while committing to working hard, building relationships and persevering no matter the circumstances. At the start of the pandemic, Hoban faced many challenges that forced him to pivot and implement new technology and infrastructure in order to comply with social distancing mandates. He quickly realized the importance of being adaptable and that it takes a lot of patience and understanding to work with tenants during uncertain times.

“My tenants have inspired me in so many ways,” Hoban says. “They have fought through so much adversity during this pandemic and now see light at the end of the tunnel. Things are finally getting back to normal.”  Seeing his tenants flourish is one of his top priorities.

Hoban is looking forward to the new opportunities arising in Pittsburgh and is excited about the increase in commercial real estate interest as of late. “I am very optimistic about the future,” Hoban says. “As an entrepreneur it is important to stay positive and clear your mind of any doubt or negativity that starts to creep in. As more people get vaccinated and businesses start to get back to full capacity, it gives me hope that the remainder of 2021 will be an amazing year.”

To learn more about Brosnan C. Hoban, find him on Instagram.

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