Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro Brings The Art Of Celebritizing Homes With Super Luxury Group


Super Luxury Group (SLG). SLG is a luxury real-estate media network that focuses on helping the affluent to celebritize and sell high-end properties from Miami to other jet-set locations through proven media, luxury brands, and influencer collaborations. SLG focuses its efforts on high-end properties with a beginning price of $5M and up. The majority of the clients are prominent and successful entrepreneurs who are looking for a space that allows them to integrate work and play. Using social media has proven to be effective for SLG, as many brands have a lot to benefit from adopting a solid social media marketing strategy, which is why real estate influencer marketing is so crucial for any business. By leveraging his advanced degree in business, Alvaro determined that this method is a great way for real estate brands to reach new customers, while also attracting new leads.

For SLG, they have an expansive global network that allows them to tap into the right luxury brands and influencers to promote their real estate and business. Aside from their main goal, SLG has a mission of cultivating a community and growing those around them. Alvaro explains that “When I started Super Luxury Group, we made sure to not only find a group of individuals who have experience working in luxury real estate but also are like-minded individuals who wanted to join a community that emphasized teamwork and giving back.” From a bird’s eye view, his life appears picture-perfect, however, he did face several hurdles earlier in his career. He is an immigrant from Madrid, Spain who found his passage to America by way of a tennis scholarship. He left behind his family, friends, and his whole life in Spain to live out the American Dream. Shortly after his undergraduate studies, Alvaro completed his MBA. Eager to learn more, he completed a program at Harvard, where he is continuing to elevate himself in the business space. You can frequently find Alvaro jet-setting to various locations to expand the global network while working on business deals and participating in recreational activities such as sky-diving and ironman races.

Looking into the future, Alvaro’s goal is to continue to dream big and work towards helping others achieve their real estate goals. In essence, the ambition to continue to grow and uplift others is what fuels his passion. SLG has a long-term vision of becoming one of the most recognized/successful real estate luxury networks globally with the purpose of connecting powerful individuals to make a strong impact. By way of virtue, his team plans to work alongside the most successful current players in the market, while also having fun and reaching unparalleled heights of success along the way.

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