Anderson Cooper Talks About His Dead Brother, But Not You Know What


Anderson Cooper has long said that he won’t address his private life because he doesn’t want to be the story.

But he’ll talk about the tragedy of his dead brother.

Somehow that’s more reportable than the way happier tale of Anderson’s gayness and love relationship.

Next Monday, on his daytime talk show, the anchor-slash-chat-host will air an episode where he and his mother, the high-cheekboned Gloria Vanderbilt, reminisce about past horrors.

Specifically, they talk about the suicide of Carter Vanderbilt Cooper in 1988, as family friend Judy Collins emerges to sing “Amazing Grace.”

For the cameras.

This from the don’t-ask-me-about myself glass closet inhabitor?

Says Alessandra Stanley in the New York Times:

“The one thing he hasn’t done yet–and the lacuna grows more awkward and obvious with each show–is talk about his love life. It’s hard to see how he can leave that out selectively and preserve one particular zone of privacy…”

Haven’t I been saying this for years?