Anthony Weiner’s Law & Order: SVU Episode, Headline by Headline


The moment we’d all been waiting for finally happened last night: Anthony Weiner’s campaign was ripped from the headlines, and remixed into an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Which headlines, exactly? Glad you asked! We put together a list. While the episode took most of its inspiration from Weiner’s tragic downfall, it also borrowed elements from Bill de Blasio’s campaign and Eliot Spitzer’s, too. SVU‘s writers even threw in a little Amanda Bynes for good measure.

The episode introduces audiences to Alejandro Muñoz, a community organizer from the Bronx on track to become the first Hispanic mayor of New York — until the detectives of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit uncover the sordid details of his many, many electronic affairs.

Here are all the details, along with the headlines from which the details were ripped. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Law & Order detail: Lindsay Anderson is an online opportunist who targets wealthy older men using social media. One of her previous victims tells the detectives, “She friended me on Facebook, after I started the charity. I thought she was at the perfect intersection of hot and crazy. I underestimated the crazy.”

Headline: Anthony Weiner Began New Sexting Affair After ‘Sydney Leathers’ Berated Him on Facebook for Old Affairs

Law & Order detail: Sensing Lindsay is getting out of hand, Muñoz dispatches a childhood friend, Eddie Garcia, to do damage control with his online fling.

Headline: Anthony Weiner’s brother accused of freaking out Sydney Leathers with message

Law & Order detail: Muñoz’s other old friend, Rafael Barba, now works in the D.A.’s office, and he is initially hesitant to believe Muñoz’s might have done anything wrong — but when he sees the evidence, he is convinced otherwise.

Headline: Jon Stewart went easy on his pal Anthony Weiner. He was the only one.
And Jon Stewart Torches Old Pal Anthony Weiner in Brutal Takedown

Law & Order detail: Introducing Muñoz at a campaign lunch, a reverend tells the audience, “For far too long we’ve been a tale of two cities — one rich, one poor”

Headline: Bill de Blasio Tells ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ at His Mayoral Campaign Kickoff

Law & Order detail: Six restraining orders have been filed against Lindsay Anderson, including one from “an ex-shrink who said he kept getting texts demanding that he come back and ‘murder her vagina’–whatever that means.”

Headline: Amanda Bynes: “I Want Drake to Murder My Vagina”

Law & Order detail: When detectives start following up on Anderson, she’s whisked off to Tel Aviv, where Muñoz’s political consultant has secured her a job. They’ll later learn that Muñoz has placed his other flings in jobs, too–he had a former porn star appointed to the New York Gaming Commission, and a stripper put on the state’s tourism board.

Headline: Some Lady: I Did Sexting With Anthony Weiner and All He Offered Was Help Getting Me on This Lousy Politico Panel

Law & Order detail: Introducing his wife at a campaign event, Muñoz says, “She’s not only prettier than me, she’s smarter.”

Headline: Anthony Weiner Always Wanted to Marry Somebody Smarter Than Himself

Law and Order detail: Wanting to catch him in the act, the detectives set a honey trap for Muñoz. One sends him a message saying, “When you talked about the pension system I got so excited.”

Headline: Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner Talked Politics During Phone Sex

Law & Order detail: Muñoz takes the bait, but asks detectives to switch to a less public site,, where he goes by the handle Enrique Trouble.

Headline: What Is Formspring and Why Was Anthony Weiner Playing With It?
And Anthony Weiner revealed as ‘Carlos Danger,’ Internet explodes

Law & Order detail: Confronted by his friend about the explicit selfies, Muñoz’s first defense is “I’ve been hacked.”

Headline: Anthony Weiner Says He Was #Hacked, After Briefs Shot Tweeted From His Account

Law & Order detail: When his friend in the D.A.’s Office confronts him about his online extracurricular activities, Muñoz says, “You’re going to judge me? Like you’re my priest?”

Headline: Anthony Weiner to Voter: ‘You Don’t Get to Judge Me’

Want more imitation Weiner? Here’s the full SVU episode…[

Let us know if you find any details we missed, and check back Friday, when we’ll be recapping Scandal‘s Weiner-inspired episode, airing Thursday. (Kidding. Kind of.)

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