Apartments Available in Momofuku Ssäm Building: Now You Can Literally Rise Above David Chang


There are those who claim to live in Momofuku Ssäm Bar, but far fewer who can claim to live above it. And that’s why a certain kind of lunatic die-hard fan will be delighted to learn that if you’ve got $5,950 – $7,450 to blow every month, the chance to live cheek by jowl with the meandering fragrance of bo ssäm could be yours.

EV Grieve has discovered that the upper floors of the Momofuku Ssäm building on the corner of Second Avenue and 13th Street are in the process of being leased out. They’re billed, naturally, as luxury apartments, completely renovated with shiny kitchen appliances, custom tile backsplashes, and “spacious marble baths.” With any luck, those newly renovated windows will do a bang-up job of keeping out the noise of the many waiting, hungry acolytes who couldn’t afford to rise above it all.