Are Manboobs Really So Bad?


I spent an entire party last year snickering with friends over a dancing queen’s manboobs, which were visible through his clinging shirt, and afterward, I felt a teeny bit guilty about my behavior.

I mean, why are we so rigid about what a body should look like?

Aren’t we being the bullies for demanding certain appearances from specific genders?

Manboobs–or “moobs”–can be a little bit sexy, especially since they tend to signify a giant “f**k you” to the world of gym-going and body fascism.

They’re just a few hours’ workout a day away from a “hot” male chest.

And face it–if they were on a woman, lots of people would be drooling their guts out over them.

So why not appreciate them on a man, too?

There’s no good reason.

My feelings were confirmed by this website, which seems to have a healthy appreciation for manboobs–though if you scroll down on it, Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is considerably less appealing than the monkey with low-hangers.