Ask the Critics: Where Can I Eat Lots of Delicious Poutine?


Stephanie B. asks: I love poutine. Loooooove poutine. Probably because I’m Canadian. Where can I get some good poutine in the city?

Dear Stephanie: I saved this question for the day my Monument Lane review came out, because that restaurant dishes up one of the tastiest — if not quite traditional — poutines I’ve had in a while. They top the spuds with cheddar curds and red-wine-braised short ribs for a gut-busting dish of awesomeness. Still, I can appreciate your love of the Quebecois staple, so if you’re looking for a poutine tour, here’s where I’d recommend heading.

The first stop should definitely be Pommes Frites, which has the most traditional replication of the dish that I’ve had in New York. A thin gravy and warm, gooey cheese — fried and slightly greasy late-night junk food. This is the way poutine was meant to be eaten.

Strolling further downtown, you could then check out Shopsins, which serves the “Diego,” a dish of poached eggs and poutine. Because, really, why not go whole hog when you’re at it! It’s intense, but worth a look-see.

And finally, I’d trek over to Mile End, where you can sample the version topped with smoked meat. Poutine is all about packing in the calories, and this dish will never fail you. At $11 it’s not quite cheap, but it’s one hell of a meal.

And then I’d probably have a heart attack! This mini-tour doesn’t follow the path of traditional poutine, but features some versions I’ve enjoyed. Happy eating!