Audio: Dominic Recchia Yells At Coney Island Hearing


If you saw Neil deMause’s coverage of last night’s hilarious Coney Island hearing, you may have wondered if his rendering of concilmember Domenic Recchia’s rant — in which he informed Brooklyn’s Community Board 13 that “I — Domenic M. Recchia Jr. — personally spoke to Mayor Michael Bloomberg about this ULURP… I’M RESPECTED! I AM LOOKED UPON IN THIS COMMUNITY! AND ESPECIALLY AT CITY HALL!” — really required the ALL CAPS treatment. deMause tells us that “If anything the ALL CAPS underplays how loud he was yelling.” So you may judge for yourself, we provide the audio of Recchia’s address below. We are reminded of Al Pacino in …And Justice For All crossed with Bob Hoskins in The Long Good Friday.