Austin Millz is About Emotion and Positivity

“More singles, more shows, more content. We dancing in Summer 2022!!”


New York electronic artist Austin Millz first got into producing while he was in high school.

“Music has always been a passion of mine since I could remember,” he says. “DJing happened in the last 5 years. Once I realized I could play my own music in a live aspect that took everything to the next level for me—I started dialing it in then I fell in love with the art.”

The musician says that no one genre can define his sound.

“Overall, when you put it together, the emotions that I want it to revoke is energy and positivity,” he says. “It has bounce and it has groove. It’s the intersection of where dance music meets other avenues.”

Millz is fresh from his Coachella experience, and he says that he had a great time.

“Since I started my journey I have always said to myself, I’m never going to Coachella unless I’m playing in the festival,” he says. “And this year the manifestation came to life and I couldn’t feel more proud with the utmost gratitude. It was a great feeling to perform and express my art to people that weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful. I put it all out there!”

Next up is Lightning in a Bottle. “For Lighting in a Bottle I’m bringing an electrifying experience to the stage and can’t wait to connect with the people,” he says.

Finally, Millz has plenty planned for 2022. “For 2022 more everything,” he says. “I just released a single with Pell called ‘What’s Next?’ on May 5. We’ve worked together on tracks in the past, including ‘On Read’ from my last EP Midas. More singles, more shows, more content. We dancing in Summer 2022!! Thanks to everyone for taking this journey with me.”

 Austin Millz’s single “What’s Next?” with Pell is out now.

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