Australians Do It Right: Avocado on Toast; Who Needs Butter?


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Forget everything you thought you knew about what you wanted for brunch. No more gloggy, room-temperature eggs benedict or sugar stuffed french toast topped with whipped sugar.

The Australian cafe contingent in Brooklyn has the antidote to the heavy brunch dish: avocado on toast.

I ran headlong into the combo last year in Sydney, when my boyfriend pulled out the toaster and offered me a loaf of bread for breakfast. “Where’s the butter?” I asked. He handed me an avocado in response.

First thought: “Thank god it’s not Vegemite,” shortly followed by “avocados go on tacos.” But I went with it. I popped the toast in the toaster, cut the avocado in half, slammed my knife into the pit and twisted. The two avocado halves eyeballed me from the counter.

I spread the avocado over my bread like cream cheese on a bagel, added a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice and took a bite. Glory hallelujah — it was tart and sweet and salty and crunchy, and by the end of it I was pleasantly full but ready to go the beach. Yes, a bikini after brunch.

Avocado on toast and its friend, avocado on toast with egg, can be found all over Brooklyn in cafes with non-kitchens. Find variations on the theme at Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights, Milk Bar in Prospect Heights and Smooch in Fort Greene.

The Mouthful of Bliss, one of Smooch’s more unadorned creations, boasts toasted ciabatta, smooth avocado, disks of hard boiled egg and an enthusiastic dusting of black pepper and sesame seeds. It’s healthy in that way that doesn’t taste healthy but still makes you feel self-righteous. Take that, Belgian waffles.