Bay Ridge Fights Off Hipsterdom, Boos Beer Garden


Micro-brews. Fixie bikes. Plaid shirts. They’re coming to Bay Ridge in the form of a beer garden, the Lockyard, and neighbors are not pleased. In fact, they’re throwing a fit.

Some fear the “outdoor micro-brew emporium” will bring a crowd of youngins’ from Williamsburg, Bushwick, and all those other damn hipster neighborhoods to bucolic Bay Ridge. One woman, Elizabeth Pabian, even told Brooklyn Paper, “My whole life will change.”

Pabian started a petition to keep the beer garden out of the neighborhood and recruited 29 neighbors to fight with her. The protestors claim that the bar will bring in late night noise, cause their property values to decrease, and of course bring out-of-towners in on Saturday nights.

Tommy Casatelli, the Lockyard’s owner, is building a wall around the backyard to contain the noise, and promises that everything will be just fine. He’s the guy behind other Third Avenue haunts Kettle Black and Ho’Brah Taco Joint.

Despite the neighborhood ruckus, Brooklyn Community Board 10 is on Casatelli’s side and voted to support his bid for a liquor license. Looks like this place will open in June. Hipsters, ready your fixies.