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Best CBD Tinctures – Get the Relief You Need 


CBD tinctures are cannabidiol products that are combined with another oil or alcohol. These tinctures are used to alleviate pain, mental health issues, and even insomnia. That said, shopping for CBD tinctures is challenging because it’s hard to determine what they do or which one is right for you. The good news is that dozens of CBD tinctures can help you with your ailments, and we’re going to take you through the three best CBD tinctures.

Our guide will go through what the tinctures do and how the tinctures work, and we’ll also take you through a variety of available options. While some tinctures work better than others, there is always something for everyone. That said, CBD tinctures don’t cause psychoactive effects, so it’s easier to experiment with more than one product, which is something we recommend doing for CBD tinctures.

Read on to learn more about the best CBD tinctures. 

Things To Consider When Shopping for CBD Tinctures 

When shopping for CBD tinctures, there are many things you need to consider. This is because they’re all made differently and come with different medical and recreational benefits. For example, a delta-8-infused tincture performs differently than a pure CBD oil. It’s also necessary to understand how they’re tested and how they’re made.


First and foremost, we’ll begin with the potency. If you’re using CBD tinctures to treat medical conditions or mental health problems like anxiety, understanding the potency of CBD tinctures can help you narrow down your options. Most CBD tinctures are measured in milligrams per milliliter. While there are no specified dosage ranges for treating pain and other conditions, knowing the strength can help you understand how much CBD you’re taking.

Another factor to consider with potency is what the CBD product contains. If a product contains delta-8, then you need to look at the potency differently. This is because delta-8 has psychoactive effects that feel similar to the high produced by marijuana. If you don’t want to experience that high, avoid these products. On the other, if you do want to go that route, make sure you start slow and with a lower potency CBD oil.

We’ll provide you with the milligram rating for each product that we have listed down below.

Base Oil 

When it comes to CBD tinctures, many people group them into the same category as CBD oil. While this is often true, a CBD tincture is CBD infused with an oil like alcohol or propylene glycol. The base of the CBD tincture can influence how well it works and the effect that it will have on the user. While alcohol is a common method used for creating CBD tinctures, the best products use a propylene glycol mixture instead. The mixture makes the oil less harsh and easier to use reliably.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ll list what type of oil base the CBD tincture uses.

Lab Testing 

Finally, you want to check for lab testing. When using a treatment method that’s not often medically prescribed or regulated, making sure the product comes from a good source is essential. This is one of the many reasons we recommend shopping with well-known CBD retailers like Diamond CBD. Companies like Diamond CBD use third-party lab testing to ensure the hemp is grown without GMOs and that the conversion process is handled correctly.

Working with third-party labs is important because companies that test in-house could provide consumers with misleading reports. When a company uses third-party testing, it shows how confident the company is in its product. You should also make sure a company uses the carbon dioxide extraction method for CBD. This prevents any extra chemicals from being present within the compounds, which makes the CBD safer.

Now that you know what to look for in a CBD tincture, it’s time to look at the top CBD tinctures.

The 5 Best CBD Tinctures 

Below we have our reviews of the best CBD tinctures:

1). Best Overall: Diamond CBD Oil

Diamond CBD Oil

Why We Like It: We love Diamond CBD Oil because it’s a simple tincture that works well for pain relief. It comes in many different flavors and potencies, which makes it a good fit for most people.

Quick Facts:

  • Potency: 3,500mg 
  • Oil Base: Propylene Glycol 
  • Lab Testing: Yes 

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Diamond CBD Oil is a versatile CBD tincture. It can be used to treat pain, mental health conditions, and even insomnia. When placed under the tongue, the droplets take about 10 to 20 minutes to begin working. While users won’t feel high when using this CBD product, some people report feeling calm and relaxed. Overall, it’s one of the safest and easiest CBD tinctures to use.

This is Diamond CBD’s best product offering when it comes to pure CBD Oil. Diamond CBD started out as a CBD company, so it’s one of the industry leaders in CBD waxes, oils, tinctures, and even delta-8. The company’s reputation for product quality is what makes Diamond CBD Oil the best organic CBD tincture on the market. Plus, all hemp used in the CBD tincture is grown in the United States, third-party tested, and free of GMOs.

What Sets It Apart 

Diamond CBD Oil is unique because of how functional it is. The flavors can be used to enhance the bland flavor of water and other drinks, which makes it great to combine with food and beverages. Moreover, it won’t taste bad when placed under your tongue and used as a traditional tincture. It also does a good job of treating pains and other ailments.

Things To Consider 

Diamond CBD Oil is a great product, but it does have a few flaws. The biggest issue with the tincture is that the flavor can be overpowering. If you don’t like flavored CBD oils, this isn’t the product for you. That said, there are alternatives. Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil, an unflavored version of Diamond’s CBD Oil, is a great option.

Who It’s For 

If you’re looking to get started with CBD tinctures and don’t know where to start, Diamond CBD Oil should be your first stop. It’s a potent tincture that can add flavor to your beverages, and it won’t taste bad when used under your tongue. This is why we know it’s the best option for beginners because tasteless options can end up being bland and even sometimes bitter.


  • Comes in a few flavors
  • Great with food and beverages 
  • Potent formula 
  • Good for pain relief 
  • Excellent for insomnia 


  • The taste options are limited 
  • Some people might not like the available flavors.

2). Best CBD and Delta-8 Tincture: Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil

 Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil

Why We Like It: We’re big fans of Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil because it combines traditional CBD tinctures with delta-8. Delta-8 creates a mild and euphoric high for its users.

Quick Facts:

  • Potency: 1,000mg
  • Oil Base: Propylene Glycol 
  • Lab Testing: Yes

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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil is an excellent product from Diamond CBD. The company combines its well-known CBD oil with organic, hemp-extracted THC. This is known as delta-8, which produces similar effects to the THC produced by marijuana plants that get users “high.” That said, delta-8 has fewer side effects and is milder than THC found in marijuana plants. The combination of CBD and THC is good for alleviating insomnia, mental illnesses, and more.

Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil is also one of Diamond CBD’s most tested products. The CBD and delta-8 used in the product are tested throughout their growth, harvest, and final product. Diamond CBD also uses third-party testing to ensure it gives customers the most accurate report possible. Moreover, the hemp used in this CBD tincture is grown in the United States and doesn’t have any GMO Ingredients.

What Sets It Apart 

Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil is an interesting product because of the delta-8 and CBD combination. While many oils on the market work as CBD tinctures, not many also provide users with delta-8, which can create a sense of euphoria. For some, this feeling is great for sleeping, lifting mood, and improving quality of life. It’s also a potent formula that treats most types of pain well.

Things To Consider 

Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil is a good CBD tincture for pain and anxiety relief. That said, the combination of CBD and delta-8 is not for everyone. This is because delta-8 creates a high that might not be desirable. Moreover, while it has fewer side effects than THC from marijuana, it can still cause drowsiness and paranoia when taken in high doses. If you’re looking for a pure CBD alternative, we recommend Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil instead.

Who It’s For

Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil is perfect for people who want a CBD tincture that also provides a mild high. The euphoric high can help with pain management and depression by boosting mood and interrupting pain receptors. The THC mixture is also great for getting started with delta-9 THC because it provides a more mild experience that can be used to observe how one will handle marijuana.


  • Includes delta-8 THC
  • Has euphoric effects
  • Great for pain relief 


  • The high produced by the delta-8 THC isn’t for everyone 

3). Best Natural CBD Oil Tincture: Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil

Why We Like It: We’re fans of Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil because it’s perfect for mixing with flavored drinks and beverages.

Quick Facts:

  • Potency: 1,000mg 
  • Oil Base: Propylene Glycol 
  • Lab Testing: Yes 

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Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil is Diamond CBD’s tasteless CBD tincture. It performs like the original product, but it doesn’t have any taste or additives. This makes it perfect for adding to flavored beverages, foods, and drink items. It’s also one of the few CBD tinctures that is pure and doesn’t contain any additives, artificial or natural. For some, this is a huge benefit when using the tincture in food items or beverages.

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil also has several potency options that you can choose from. This makes it a customizable product that you can tailor to your needs. When lower doses don’t adequately alleviate severe or chronic pain, you always have the option to choose a more potent formula. This is important because some medical conditions require more CBD to treat properly.

What Sets It Apart 

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil is unique because it doesn’t have a flavor. If you drop the oil on your tongue, it will produce a mild and earthy flavor, but when added to food or beverages, you won’t notice it’s there. This means it can be added to your favorite foods and drinks instead of being used as the primary flavor in what you’re consuming.

Things To Consider 

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil is a solid product and one of the most natural CBD oil tinctures around, but it’s not perfect. This is because it doesn’t have any flavor, which is something that appeals to some shoppers. However, sometimes this tastelessness can come off as bitter to users. If you prefer a product that works the same way but has flavor options, Diamond CBD Oil is worth considering.

Who It’s For 

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil is a great choice for people who want to use CBD tinctures as a food or beverage additive. You can add it to almost anything, and it doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the taste or quality. It’s also great for people who want a CBD tincture with no additives or artificial flavors. Overall, it’s a CBD tincture in its most natural form. When it comes to organic CBD, it’s hard to beat Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil.


  • No additives or artificial flavors 
  • Doesn’t change the taste of food or beverages 
  • Potent formula 
  • All-natural and organic hemp 
  • Grown in the United States 


  • Bland if used under the tongue
  • Should only be added to flavored food or beverages 
  • Tastes “earthy” 

4). Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Why We Like It: We love Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil because it comes with tons of potency options that go as low as 250mg, which is perfect for people with little or no CBD tolerance.

Quick Facts:

  • Potency: 250mg 
  • Oil Base: Coconut oil 
  • Lab Tested: Yes 

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Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a simple CBD that gets the job done. It’s a tincture that you can add to your food, beverages or even place droplets directly under your tongue. The company uses hemp that’s grown in the United States for all of its CBD oil and ensures that its products are lab tested by third-party organizations. Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an all-natural fresh CBD oil that doesn’t include additives or artificial flavorings.

Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil also has support from pharmacists. The oil was created and developed by a team of pharmaceutical professionals, which makes it one of the closest things to being a medical-grade CBD product. This is why there is a wide dosage range that makes it appropriate for all users.

What Sets It Apart 

Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is unique because it uses coconut oil. While many CBD tinctures avoid using coconut oil because it’s harder to work with, Med Biotech is more concerned with results than the creation process. This is why the company has created a product that uses coconut oil properly in a CBD tincture. The coconut oil makes it smooth and easy to handle under the tongue but also more appropriate to add to food and beverages.

Things To Consider

Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a well-rounded product that pharmacists back. That said, it’s not perfect and comes with a major flaw. The flaw is vitamin E oil. This oil has been known to cause cancer when used in vape products that have THC or CBD. Therefore, this tincture should never be vaped under any circumstances.

Who It’s For

Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is for people who want a medical CBD product. If you’re nervous about the effects or if it will be strong enough for your ailment, Med Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a good choice because it was created by pharmacists who support it.


  • Created by pharmacists 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • 2-day shipping 
  • Medical-grade 
  • Potent
  • Uses coconut oil 


  • Has vitamin E 
  • Should not be vaped

5). Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil 

Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil

Why We Like It: We love Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil because it’s the most potent CBD oil around.

Quick Facts:

  • Potency: 1,500mg 
  • Oil Base: Propylene glycol 
  • Lab Tested: Yes 

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Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil is a potent CBD product that has zero THC in it. While some CBD products will have trace amounts of THC, Alibi has tested its products to ensure this never happens. Moreover, the company works hard to get their customers products quickly with 2-day shipping. Alibi also keeps shoppers happy by offering a 30-day return policy.

Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil is a reliable oil that’s been tested many times. The company only uses hemp that’s grown in the United States, and the extraction process is safe and easy. There are no additives in the tinctures, and tinctures can be used under the tongue or with food.

What Sets It Apart

Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil is unique because you can get CBD tinctures that have up to 3,500mg of CBD in it. That’s more potent than most brands and a great way to treat severe or chronic pain, insomnia, and other mental health conditions. It’s also a good way to stay mellow throughout the day without needing something that’s delta-8-infused.

Things To Consider 

Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil is a great product, but it has a few flaws. First and foremost, it’s more expensive than other CBD products. This is due to its high potency, but CBD potency isn’t always the biggest factor to consider. Another problem is the strength of the CBD can cause increased drowsiness in users that haven’t built up a tolerance.

Who It’s For

Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil is perfect for people who need the strongest CBD tincture possible. With tons of potency ranges, it can help people with chronic pain, severe pain, insomnia, and other serious conditions. If other CBD tinctures are too weak, it might be time to try Alibi THC-0 Tincture Oil.


  • Fast shipping and 30-day return policy 
  • Most potent CBD tincture 
  • Many strain and flavor options 
  • No THC


  • Too strong for some users

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Tinctures

Shopping for CBD tinctures is more than looking at a few of the best products. To determine which tincture you need, you have to understand its uses, ingredients, and even side effects. Therefore, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about CBD tinctures. We’re also going to provide you with product recommendations as we go to help you narrow down your options.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about CBD tinctures and CBD oils.

What Is a CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is made from phytocannabinoids, which were discovered in the early 1940s. The difference between CBD tinctures and CBD oil is that alcohol or a substance like propylene glycol is used to extract the phytocannabinoid from the hemp plant. CBD tinctures can be applied sublingually (under the tongue), vaped, or even added to food. These tinctures are commonly used to treat pain, calm the mind, and help with sleeping.

If you’re looking to get started with a CBD tincture but don’t know where to start, we recommend a tincture like Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil. You can add it to your food or meals without altering the flavor. It’s also a good dosage to start with to help you determine if CBD is right for you.

Always consult with your doctor before self-medicating with any substance.

How CBD Oil Is Made

CBD oil is made in a few ways. It can be extracted with chemicals like ethanol or with liquid solvents like butane. Regardless of the process, the result is the CBD oil that’s found in CBD and delta-8 tinctures. That said, understanding how CBD oil is made can help you narrow down your options and make the right choice. This is because some methods create a better CBD product than others.

We’ll begin with carbon dioxide, which has become the industry standard for creating CBD products. Because carbon dioxide can change from a solid to a liquid, it’s one of the best ways to get pure CBD oil. The process is straightforward but takes some getting used to. 

It begins with a solid block of carbon dioxide that’s in a tube. Then the carbon dioxide is kept at a pressure that changes it to a liquid, and it gets moved to a chamber with the hemp plant. In the second chamber, the carbon dioxide absorbs the oils from the plant. Once this process is complete, the mixture is moved to a third tube. The carbon dioxide is converted back into a gas in the third tube, but it leaves behind the oil extracted from the hemp plant. This is how most manufacturers (like Diamond CBD) get their hemp oil.

CBD oil can also be made using ethanol as an extractor. This follows a similar process, but it’s more time-effective and easier to do. The downside is that the alcohol can damage the plant’s wax, which is not favorable for delta-8 hemp products and some CBD products. Some companies will also use oil infusion or liquid solvents, but these methods are no longer popular.

Finding the Flavor for You 

CBD tinctures come in several flavors. These flavors vary but alter the oil to taste more palatable. Some people prefer flavored tinctures because it can enhance the flavor of foods or simply because it tastes better when used sublingually. Finding a flavor that works for you is a great way to use CBD effectively and get used to its effects.

If you’re looking for a flavored CBD tincture, we recommend Diamond CBD Oil. It comes with many flavor options and can be added to beverages to alter the taste. For some people, this is a great way to ingest CBD without worrying about the bitter or earthy taste of unflavored CBD.

Still, it’s important to be cautious with flavored CBD tinctures because some products may contain artificial flavorings.

Adding Delta-8 Into the Mix

CBD has been around since the 1940s. That said, delta-8 is a recent innovation that uses THC from hemp plants. While delta-8 THC is weaker than delta-9 THC (marijuana), it does produce a euphoric high that can induce intoxication and drowsiness. Therefore, it’s important to consider the risks of using delta-8. For example, it can cause users to feel anxious or paranoid when taken in large doses.

Still, the benefits often outweigh the side effects for most people. This is because it combines CBD and delta-8 to provide users with a relaxing and refreshing experience. It’s also one of the best ways to treat insomnia because delta-8 causes more drowsiness than CBD on its own. If you’re looking for a good delta-8 and CBD tincture to start with, we recommend Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil. It’s safe, easy to use, and induces a mild and euphoric high.

CBD Dosing

Dosing CBD is trickier than dosing more traditional medications. This is because each manufacturer has different potencies for CBD blends and different strains. Therefore, dosing CBD depends on things like your tolerance, if you’ve used CBD before, and the potency of the specific product.

When it comes to dosing CBD, this is why we always recommend starting slow. This will help your body adjust to the CBD and prevent you from getting too drowsy or experiencing other side effects. Remember, you can always add droplets, but you can’t take them away. So, start with one droplet or the specified amount on the CBD tincture you have. Then you can work your way up to reach your desired effect over time.

If you’re using CBD for the first time, we also recommend against using a delta-8-infused product. This is because delta-8 infused products cause users to become high, which can cause anxiety or paranoia if it’s not expected. If you’re going to use delta-8-infused products, we also recommend taking it slow. This will help you learn about its effects and make it easier to get the right amount in the future.

When it comes to trying new CBD products, starting slow is the best way to do it. Going too fast can ruin the experience and cause you to dislike CBD or delta-8 products. With the health benefits that these compounds provide, that’s not something we want you to miss out on.

CBD Tinctures CBD Tincture FAQ 

Do CBD Tinctures Help With Pain? 

CBD is commonly used to treat pain, so CBD tinctures can help relieve chronic pain. Moreover, CBD tinctures can help with headaches, migraines, arthritis, and other types of pain.

Do CBD Tinctures Help With Insomnia? 

CBD tinctures help with insomnia by making the user drowsy. It’s not as effective as sleeping medication, but it can be used to quell the mind as you fall asleep at night. This is especially true for CBD products that have delta-8.

Do CBD Tinctures Make You High? 

CBD tinctures don’t make you high. They come from cannabidiol, which doesn’t have THC. THC is the chemical found in marijuana plants that makes you high. That said, CBD tinctures that have delta-8 can cause intoxication because delta-8 is concentrated THC from hemp plants.

Are CBD Tinctures Safe?

Yes, CBD tinctures are safe. While there needs to be more research on the long-term effects of CBD, CBD tinctures don’t have any known long-term side effects or medical conditions.

How Do You Use CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures can be used by applying the CBD under your tongue or by adding droplets to food or beverages. CBD tinctures come with droppers that you can use to place drops under your tongue or for use as additives. You should only start with one droplet and add more as needed until you feel the desired effect.

Wrapping Up 

CBD tinctures are versatile CBD products that you can use under your tongue (as a droplet), add to food, or even vape in some cases. That said, finding the right fit for you depends on what you need it for and what types of ingredients you’re comfortable with it having. For this reason, we recommend trying a few products from Diamond CBD before you settle on a product. This will ensure you get the best option.

While CBD treatments are more recent than common medical treatments, preliminary research has been promising. CBD is a great way to treat pain, ease your mind, and even balance your focus!

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