Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks For Sale: Buy Premium Delta 8 Moon Rocks Online


Top Brands To Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks From Online

As consumers, we recognize how overwhelming it can be to find high-grade hemp products. We also realize that moon rocks are quickly becoming mainstream due to the potency they offer and the experience they deliver. But who has the best delta 8 moon rocks? We wanted to know so we did our research and found the top 4 brands that currently offer the highest quality delta 8 moon rocks. So before you consider buying some delta 8 moon rocks you may want to check this out.

#1 The Hemp Collect – Top Pick #1 – Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks Overall

#2 Hifi Farms – Closest Runner Up – Most Variety Of D8 Moon Rocks

#3 Bay Smokes – Editor’s Choice – Cost Effective Delta 8 Moon Rocks

#4 Silver Owl CBD – Honorable Mention – Delta 8 Moon Rocks

#1. The Hemp Collect – Top Pick #1 – Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks Overall

The Hemp Collect is an Oregon-based company that’s at the forefront of innovative hemp products. Founded by strong and resilient women who love cannabis, this company caters to wholesale buyers as well as retailers and individual consumers. And due to the dedication to producing high-quality moon rocks, The Hemp Collect continues rising to the top in the industry. If you’re looking to buy the best delta 8 moon rocks for distribution or personal consumption, consider this brand.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

This is probably the most reliable source of delta 8 moon rocks nationwide. With this product, The Hemp Collect continues to prove their worth to their valued customers. Their delta 8 moon rocks are in high demand, and here are the main reasons why:

Great Standards Of Quality

Delta 8 moon rocks are typically made from CBD buds, THC distillate, and kief powder. But The Hemp Collect goes the extra mile to make their product more potent and tasty adding terpenes and live resin to the mix! Plus their moon rocks are hand rolled which they claim provides better coverage of kief making them up to 6x more powerful than machine-coated options.

Fair Pricing

Keep in mind that the best delta 8 moon rocks are not cheap. As they say, you get what you pay for. When you buy delta 8 moon rocks from The Hemp Collect, expect the highest quality of smokable hemp for a fair price.

Variety Of Moon Rocks

With this popular brand, you can buy delta 8 moon rocks in three varieties:

  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: Hand Rolled – a combination of CBD flower, delta 8 distillate, and kief powder.
  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: Hand Rolled Terpene Infused – hand-rolled moon rocks mixed with natural terpenes to enhance effects and medicinal benefits for consumers.
  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: CBD Live Resin – hand-rolled moon rocks infused with CBD live resin to provide extra potent effects.

Consumer Deals & Incentives

At The Hemp Collect, you get the best delta 8 moon rocks plus a bonus pack of live resin gummies. And if your order is $75 or above, you receive free shipping.  They also provide a fair policy for all product returns.

Customer Reviews

Undoubtedly, The Hemp Collect offers the best delta 8 moon rocks in the country. This statement is solidified by the positive customer reviews of their products on various platforms. Consumers often praise the D8 moon rocks from this brand thanks to their high potency, quality, reasonable price, great customer service, and shipping process.

Hemp Collect Delta 8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons

Even when branded as the best delta 8 moon rocks in the market, The Hemp Collect still has areas for improvement. But, it’s good to note that the pros outweigh the cons immensely. When you buy delta 8 moon rocks from this manufacturer, you’ll get the best deal.


  • 2018 Federal Farm Bill Compliant
  • High potency moon rocks
  • Infusion of natural terpenes and live resin
  • Management is dedicated to innovative products and advocates safety
  • Variety to choose from


  • Pricer than less popular brands

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#2 – Hifi Farms – Closest Runner Up – Most Variety Of D8 Moon Rocks

Hifi Farms is dedicated to providing the best delta 8 moon rocks available. This company was established by a group of people who all believe in the magic of hemp. They aim to provide seamless access to hemp products like delta 8 moon rocks to consumers worldwide, and they are indeed making positive waves in the cannabis community.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

When you plan to buy delta 8 moon rocks, of course, you want high-quality products that will give you a superior high. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Hifi farms can offer you. Let’s check out their best features.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks Variety

Aiming to introduce a variety of high-quality delta 8 moon rocks to consumers, HiFi Farms offers three types of moon rocks. Each is made from a highly popular strain of Indica, Sativa, or hybrid hemp flower.

  • Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Wedding Cake (Indica) – The super potent wedding cake strain provides strong Indica effects. Each gram contains 720mg of D8 THC!
  • Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Sunday Driver (Hybrid) – This balanced hybrid puts you in the mood to take a Sunday drive. From just a hit or two, you’ll feel carefree and uplifted. Hifi Farms’ moon rocks are dipped in CBG kief and tested in a third-party lab.
  • Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Pineapple Express (Indica) – These high-potency moon rocks are made from the famous Pineapple Express strain. These Sativa-based moon rocks can help promote creativity and get you through the day. This product weighs 3.5 grams and is compliant with hemp regulations.

Deals & Incentives

If it’s your first time purchasing from HiFi Farms, you can get a 20% discount on all items. Also, if you sign-up for their email newsletter you can earn another 20% discount to use during another purchase. In addition, their website offers free shipping for orders starting at $49.99 and up!

Easy To Navigate Website

Buying delta 8 moon rocks is simple thanks to the ease of navigation offered by the HiFi farms website. Whether you’re tech-savvy or have average computer skills, you’ll find the site informative, simple, and straightforward.

Customer Reviews

As the source of some of the best hemp products around, Hifi farms is loved by customers for many reasons. Numerous reviews from various platforms convey the satisfied messages of consumers. They especially like the potent “buzz” from the moon rocks, as well as the quality of other products from this brand.

Hifi Farms D8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons

If you’re seeking an optimum high without the side effects of marijuana, then opt for delta 8 moon rocks from HiFi Farms. Some of their products are a bit pricier compared to others, but when you consider quality and free shipping, the price is worth it.


  • All moon rocks are 100% derived from hemp
  • Third-party lab testing process
  • Exceptional customer service
  • High-quality moon rocks with fair prices
  • 30-day return policy
  • Variety to pick from


  • Price is slightly higher compared to other brands

==> Visit the Official Hifi Farms Website

#3 Bay Smokes – Editor’s Choice – Cost Effective Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Bay Smokes is owned by a woman along with a small group of cannabis lovers who advocate a natural lifestyle. The company is based in Florida, where they continually work hard to provide consumers with a variety of much-needed hemp goods.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

Bay Smokes’ delta 8 moon rocks are loved by consumers despite the fact that they only offer one option to choose from for this category. Let’s look at what the public adores about this brand.

Budget-friendly Option

If you’re game for quality delta 8 moon rocks at a lower price, Bay Smokes could be the brand for you. The delta 8 moon rocks from this company are affordable, although they are lower quality than those from the previous two brands.

Deals & Incentives

When you visit Bay Smokes for the first time you have the opportunity to “spin to win.” You can earn coupons or prizes, or you can simply opt out of the game. Also, on your first order from Bay Smokes, you can get a 20% discount plus free D8 gummies.

Customer Reviews

They may not be the best delta 8 moon rocks manufacturer in the country, but Bay Smokes surely keeps customers satisfied. People who bought using their app are satisfied with the delivery procedure, customer services, and overall convenience of the ordering process. However, there are concerns about the lack of variety with their delta 8 moon rocks for sale.

Bay Smokes D8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons

For some customers, Bay Smokes offer the best delta 8 moon rocks due to the price. But, like all other brands, they certainly have their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at what stood out to us.


  • Has a dedicated app for conveniently placing orders
  • Affordable delta 8 moon rocks
  • Third-party lab testing for assurance of quality
  • Decent deals and incentives


  • Lack of delta 8 moon rocks variety
  • No free shipping offer

==> Visit the Official Bay Smokes Website

#4 Silver Owl CBD – Honorable Mention – Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Smokable hemp products from Silver Owl CBD are manufactured with total dedication to providing a safe and satisfying “high” to consumers. The company was established in 2019 by a small team of CBD enthusiasts.

Their main objective is to make hemp products accessible and affordable for everyone. When you buy from this brand, you’re sure to get lab-tested non-GMO D8 moon rocks from a trusted manufacturer.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

Delta 8 moon rocks from Silver Owl CBD company are in line with the federal hemp regulations. They use only quality hemp buds, THC extract, and kief to form their own version of moon rocks. In many ways, this brand is great for many consumers.

Budget Pricing

Delta 8 moon rocks from Silver Owl CBD are slightly higher in price compared to Bay Smokes, but the cost is still budget-friendly. However, like the previous brand, this company does not have other D8 moon rock products available.

Deals & Incentives

Silver Owl CBD does not offer any discounts, coupons, or chances to win prizes on their website. However, when you buy delta 8 moon rocks from them, you never have to worry about shipping. All your purchases will be delivered by free shipping, regardless of the cost.

Customer Reviews

Customers who bought the delta 8 moon rocks from Silver Owl CBD are quite satisfied with the potency. They especially appreciate the affordability of the moon rocks and are happy with the delivery process as well. Of course, there are complaints about the absence of other options, but the company is probably working on innovating their products to someday offer more variety of moon rocks.

Silver Owl CBD D8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons

Silver Owl CBD D8 moon rocks may not be perfect, but they certainly strive to be great. With their drawback comes good qualities too, and here is some of what their loyal customers are seeing.


  • Budget-friendly price for moon rocks and other products
  • Certificates of analysis for product transparency
  • Free shipping on all purchases
  • Locally grown hemp plants in Colorado


  • No discount offers
  • Lack of D8 moon rocks variety

==> Visit the Official Silver Owl CBD Website

How Did We Select These Delta-8 Brands For Best Moon Rocks?

We came up with this top 4 list of the best delta 8 moon rocks through extensive research of current manufacturers and product comparison. Brands that seem untrustworthy, have poor customer reviews, and/or have no third-party lab tests were omitted from the list.

After analysis through tons of information across platforms, we gathered the best brands for you to buy delta 8 moon rocks from. Here is a further explanation of some of the qualities we looked at.

Quality Of Moon Rocks

All the delta 8 moon rocks for sale in this post were chosen for their exceptional quality. Specifically, we rate them according to their:

  • Freshness – the product is fresh, not old, dry, or moldy. The flower starts degrading from the moment it is plucked from the plant so for moon rocks this is important.
  • Potency – the moon rocks contain 50% or more D8 THC levels, and provide a potent buzz.
  • Aroma – highly pungent, thanks to the rich presence of terpenes. Moon rocks that lack smell can be of lower quality.
  • Taste – did we taste notes of the strain, did it have a rich taste of hemp goodness?
  • How it smoked – when smoked, the best delta 8 moon rocks produce a “slow burn” that isn’t too harsh. Note that due to the potency of moon rocks even quality options can be slightly harsh.

What Is The Hemp Source?

Compliant delta 8 moon rocks are developed from hemp plants, not from marijuana. The three primary factors that work together to create these are CBD buds, delta 8 THC distillate, and CBD or CBG kief.

We made sure that all the featured D8 moon rock companies in this post use only hemp derivatives during production. It is extremely important to know the hemp source of moon rocks to make sure that the consumers are getting quality and compliant products.

Does The Brand Provide Third-party Lab Testing?

Third-party lab testing is a crucial process that ensures the accuracy of products. This procedure is unbiased, and the results are transparent. Through independent testing labs, the inquiring companies cannot modify the results.

Fortunately, all the best delta 8 moon rock manufacturers we feature require third-party lab testing on a regular basis. Remember, before you buy delta 8 moon rocks, check if the brand does third-party testing on their products.

Policies For Shipping And Returns

We think the best delta 8 moon rocks companies should offer free shipping for orders that reach a certain amount. Therefore, we looked for brands that offer some form of this perk. The only outlier is Bay Smokes, which has a lower price on their moon rocks, but the shipping fee is paid for by the consumer.

The important aspect we look at is how the shipping policy balances the cost of the products. More importantly, we dug into the return policy of each brand, and they are good for the customers.

Considerations When Buying Delta-8 Moon Rocks

To find the best delta 8 moon rocks, there are particular considerations that every buyer must weigh. As a wise consumer, don’t just buy out of impulse, dig deeper into the essence of the brand and what makes its products great. Make sure that they follow proper procedures in terms of gathering ingredients, development, manufacturing, and testing.

Here are the main factors to look at in your purchasing decision on what brand to patronize for your delta 8 moon rocks.

Lab Testing (Third-party)

Before you buy delta 8 moon rocks, check if the product went through a third-party lab test. All the brands you see here surrender their D8 moon rocks to independent laboratories to check for impurities and inconsistencies.

Quality Of Ingredients

The best delta 8 moon rocks are concocted from high-quality ingredients. These hemp materials are typically grown in the US and exude freshness. The state of the ingredients matters especially because moon rocks have a shorter shelf life than other hemp products (like tinctures or capsules).

If you purchase delta moon rocks that use old or bad ingredients, the effects will be minimal and they may spoil quicker. But with superior and fresh ingredients, you’ll experience exceptional flavor and effects when you smoke.

Brand Reputation

When you’re ready to buy delta 8 moon rocks, don’t just look at the price. When inquiring about hemp consumables, always check the reputation of the brands in question.

Consumers should be aware that not all moon rocks are made with care and quality in mind, some companies will deceivingly sell people cheap products just to turn a buck. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of which delta 8 moon rock brands to purchase from.


Price is indeed a major factor in choosing the best delta 8 moon rocks, but, know that cheaper brands do not offer the same quality as the top contenders on this list. Some companies offering lower prices could be using low-quality materials and have poor production processes. But if you opt for reasonably priced moon rocks products, you’ll get the enjoyable “high” and therapeutic value you paid for.


Of course, when you look at delta 8 moon rocks for sale, you should check the potency level. After all, you’re after a strong product, so opt for THC content over 50%, and you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks – FAQ

The growing popularity of delta 8 moon rocks has piqued the curiosity of thousands, if not millions of consumers. Here are some other common questions people ask about this type of hemp product.

1. How To Use D8 Moon Rocks?

The most ideal method to smoke any kind of moon rocks is with a glass bong or pipe. Simply break up the product and gently pack some in the bowl and light up. You can also use a joint, blunt, or vape for smoking moon rocks, but for these methods, it’s best to sprinkle moon rocks onto some flower so it smokes better.

2. How Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Made?

These moon rocks are a trifecta that comes from dipping CBD buds into Delta 8 distillate and then topping them off with a coating of CBD or CBG kief. Some of the moon rocks, like the ones from The Hemp Collect, also have additional hemp terpenes and live resin added to increase potency.

3. Will D8 Moon Rocks Get You High?

Yes, D8 moon rocks provide a “high” in a legal way. It is less intense than the effects of regular marijuana which makes it much more tolerable for the average person. The ingredients of this product are extracted from hemp. But moon rocks are super strong because it is a combination of potent hemp ingredients, which are the bud, delta 8 distillate, and kief.

4. What Are The Effects & Benefits Of Delta 8?

If you’re looking for premium delta 8 moon rocks you’re probably interested in the effects and benefits they provide. The best delta 8 moon rocks make your body unwind and feel relaxed. Some strains are more upbeat and make you feel like you can reach the moon without lifting a foot. In a nutshell, this product can give you a strong head change, while making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

5. When Will The Effects Kick In From Moon Rocks?

The effects of the moon rocks fully hit you after 15-30 minutes, but they can begin almost instantly after just one hit. Normal consumers feel the “high” for 3-4 hours, while newbies may experience even longer effects.

6. Do Moon Rocks Go Bad Or Spoil?

Delta 8 moon rocks are more resilient to deterioration than hemp fower alone, but regardless of this, they still have a relatively short shelf life. With proper storage, they can last 2-4 months tops before they start to go bad. For detailed information about the expiration date, check the labels of the purchased D8 products.

7. How To Store Moon Rocks

Moon rocks can last longer than plain hemp nugs, but they can still spoil fast if not properly cared for. Keep your moon rocks in an airtight glass container, and place it in a cool, humid-free area that is absent of sunlight or artificial light. And always keep consumable hemp away from children, underage adults, and pets!

8. Are Delta Moon Rocks Legal?

Not sure if you’re breaking the law if you buy delta 8 moon rocks? Worry no more, moon rocks made from hemp are legal in most states. Always check your state’s regulations for current hemp guidelines in your area.

9. Can There Be Side Effects?

Like other hemp or marijuana-derived products, D8 moon rocks may also have some side effects, especially if too much is consumed at one time. Side effects are temporary and mild and may include hunger, eye itchiness, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, and paranoia. And so when smoking moon rocks, start with a little bit, and if you desire slowly up your dosage as you get used to the potency.

Final Take Away: What Are The Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks To Buy?

Due to the abundance of delta 8 moon rocks products on the market from various manufacturers, it can get confusing to choose a brand to go with. Thankfully, after comprehensive research and analysis of the top D8 brands, we recognize that the best delta 8 moon rocks are skillfully handmade by The Hemp Collect.

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