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Best Miniature Golf


Flushing Meadows might not have the fanciest miniature golf course in the city, but it offers 18 holes of landscaped play — waterfalls, windmills, and streams included — for downright cheap: $8.25 buys you a round, including putter and ball. Families fill the greens during the day, but at night the course is dominated by groups of adults, fueled by inexpensive pitchers of beer. (That the snack bar offers such affordable drinking, by the way, is as much of a lure as the course itself — especially for people on the way to Mets games or tennis matches nearby.) Flushing Meadows also maintains an 18-hole pitch-and-putt course, a good solution for golfers who don’t have the time or patience for full rounds. During the warm months, the last tee time for mini-golf is midnight; pitch-and-putt closes at 11 p.m.