Bill de Blasio Responds to Jon Stewart’s Adoption Plea: “We’d Be Honored”


When the election night broadcast cut to Bill de Blasio’s victory party late Tuesday, some watching from home had the chance to see what could very well be the next first family of New York City in action for the first time.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart, for one, was smitten.

“I think New York City might be ready for a charismatic biracial family with their own signature synchronized dance moves that appear to have been beamed here from their very own 1970s musical variety special,” Stewart said Wednesday evening.

“Adopt me?” he asked.

The question might have just hung in the air, sad and unresolved, but last night Bill de Blasio appeared on MSNBC where Reverend Al Sharpton demanded an answer.

“Will you adopt Jon Stewart?,” he asked the public advocate.

“We’d be honored to have Jon join the family,” de Blasio answered quickly. “That would be great.”

Between de Blasio, the presumed Democratic nominee, and confirmed subway kitten Darwinist Joe Lhota, the Republican candidate, at least New Yorkers can take comfort in the fact that their next mayor will have the resolve to answer the tough questions.