Bioleptin Review: The Hidden Truth Nobody Tells You


This is our Bioleptin review, and I will try to give every detail about the product you may be thinking of purchasing.

Before taking any decision, please read our full review that even the official website of Bioleptin isn’t going to tell you; that’s why we quoted ” the hidden truth nobody will say to you.

Throughout the entire article, I’ll cover all the related topics like…

  • What Is It?
  • How does It work?
  • My Personal Experience using the product
  • Who Should Buy The Bioleptin and Who wouldn’t?
  • Is It Comes With Any Money-Back Guarantee?
  • My Final Thoughts on the product

What Is Bioleptin?

Manufactured in a GMP & FDA Registered facility by Puregreens Nutrition Pte Ltd, a company helping people lose weight naturally since 2016.

It’s a dietary supplement backed by more than 35+ clinical studies on weight loss.

Bioleptin uses ingredients like Irvingia Gabonensis (IG), also called African Mango Extract, and Chromax ( the purest form of chromium).

Both the ingredients are obtained naturally and are responsible for boosting your metabolism.

Each pill of bioleptin includes 500 mcg of chromax and 150mcg of IG.

At the same time, It helps you increase energy and reduce hunger and appetite throughout the day.

This dietary supplement works on flushing out the CRP from the body

and converting your fat into energy.

Also, keeping you active all day without losing the lean muscle mass from the body.

How does Bioleptin work?

Before giving you the working principle of Bioleptin, I must share the secrets about leptin, a hormone present inside fat cells that mainly controls your appetite and hunger.

However, For Your Body to Lose Weight Naturally Again…

The maximum leptin signal must go into the brain.

But this is somehow blocked by a protein called C- reactive protein that blocks leptin to send the signal to the brain, i.e., stop eating.

The combination of IG and Chromax together helps burn the excess fat naturally.

At the same time, it also reduces cravings without losing energy.

Additionally, Bioleptin sends the maximum leptin signals to the brain, forcing the body to burn the excess fat.

Hence, your body releases fat naturally without any effort. This supplement works on both males and females.

Know More About the working fundamentals of Bioleptin & Its ingredients

My Personal Experience Taking The Bioleptin Supplement


Frankly, I never thought of taking any diet pills to lose weight. I always believe that I can quickly reduce these excess fats only by working out in the gym.

But I was wrong; doing exercise is essential, but it’s not going to burn all the fat unless you don’t stop eating and workout almost for at least a year.

Being a housewife and a single parent, it was very much difficult for me. I tried ordering many diet pills, but nothing worked out for me.

Lastly, I tried Bioleptin, a promising pill, as it lets you try the product for 365 days without even thinking about whether it will work or not.

I got almost a year to try out the product without even thinking about the money I spent on the product.

For the first 2 months, I didn’t see any drastic change; I was able to lose only 5 pounds

But at the same time, my eating habit decreased with time, and I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore.

I always feel full stomach even when I consume half the diet than previously.

However, after another 3 months, I saw tremendous changes; my body percentage reduced to 18% from 35%. I also started feeling more energetic as well.

Now, I could wear those skinny dresses I always dreamed of wearing and look slimmer like every other woman on the street.

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Why I Chose Bioleptin Over Other Dietary Pills

Here are some important points that helped me lose those excess fats naturally using Bioleptin pills. The powerful combination of African mango and chromax does not allow you to burn fat but also has many more advantages

  1. The trust and belief came when I saw “It comes with 365 days of money-back guarantee”.
  2. More than 35+ clinical studies and research back Bioleptin as a dietary supplement.
  3. It helped me burn fat naturally and effortlessly.
  4. This supplement stopped my cravings and hunger without losing my energy.
  5. It lets my metabolism get faster, and leptin recaches the brain cells without disturbance.
  6. Bioleptin shrank my calorie intake by 40% within 2 months.
  7. Bioleptin™ is made in a Sterile GMP-Certified & FDA Registered facility.
  8. Puregreens nutrition uses the highest quality and purest form of natural ingredients without zero side effects.
  9. It is cheaper than most fake pills flooded in the market.


Ingredients Used In Bioleptin

As I told you earlier, Bioleptin is the only supplement that uses naturally sourced ingredients free from artificial chemicals.

Many clinical studies and references back these ingredients; Bioleptin only uses the purest and most potent form of those ingredients in making these high-quality pills.

However, when looking at the supplement facts, you will only find Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) and Chromax ( Chromium).

But, there are some more ingredients that you must get the details about

  • Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango Extract) – A recent clinical study found that this fruit extract can help drop the CRP level by 52% without changing diet or exercise plan.

This ingredient helps the leptin reach the brain without interruption and speeds up the fat-burning process.

In fact, every person taking this seed extract also reduced the overall body fat by 18.4% (that’s a FIFTH of our body fat.

It also balances the glucose level and reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Chromax (a Clean, Pure Source of Chromium) – This Bioleptin ingredient is proven to block the CRP by 68%.

It’s a mineral that is 1500% more bioavailable and pure than the other forms of chromium.

Every Bioleptin pill uses 500 mcg of chromax, helping burn fat without losing the lean muscle mass.

Additionally, it converts fats into energy as well.

  • Cellulose – It is insoluble fiber. According to research, a form of cellulose called CM3 enhances satiation and delays gastric emptying, resulting in effective weight loss.

Further, help in preventing constipation.

  • Silicon Dioxide – made up of silica and oxygen, found within the earth’s crust and widely in nature.

It is added to food supplements to prevent ingredients from clumping and retain their natural texture.

As per USDA, The compound has the following properties.

How To Use Bioleptin?

As per the guidelines made by the official website, We must take 2 pills of bioleptin every day to get the best results.

I was advised to take the pills before eating any of my meals. I also eat healthily and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

I also avoided unhealthy and unhygienic foods that may increase bad fats in the body. I also tried to avoid artificial sweeteners and sugars.

For the best results, don’t skip the pills.

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What do Other Customers of Bioleptin say about the product?

A random guy named Peter Bennet claimed:

Another user shared how bioleptin helped her burn the excess fat,

But the most dramatic results come from Mike Henke. He wrote…

You can check more user reviews on bioleptin here.

My Final Thoughts On BioLeptin Review

Thus, In this bioleptin review, I tried my best to explain in detail all ingredients, including my weight loss journey.

I also made sure to cover every heading in short paragraphs, so it doesn’t take much time to read the entire article.

The changes that I felt after using the Bioleptin supplement helped me reduce cravings and hunger.

It balanced my glucose level and cholesterol. I was also able to eat less without feeling hungry anymore.

In my 5 months, I was able to cut around 17 pounds, and my waist size also reduced from 36 to 32 inches.

Further, I also included some weight loss exercises and a healthy diet to get the result faster.

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  • Adults can only take this supplement.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies should avoid taking BioLeptin.
  • In case of any medical history, it’s recommended to consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement.
  • Bioleptin should always be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • You should follow the dosage or usage of the supplement as prescribed.
  • Drink at least 3-5 liters of water per day once you begin taking the pills.

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