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Buy a Custom Jewelry piece for $200K+ from Benny Da Jeweler


Owning several outstanding and unique pieces of custom jewelry is every artist’s ambition. The hip-hop scene is more synonymous with custom pieces ranging from watches, bracelets, chains, rings and more. Among other hip-hop artists, Rappers are widely known for carrying high-end encrusted chains and iced-out watches. In the music scene, the type of custom jewelry pieces you rock indicates how rich you are.

Benny Nisanov, or Benny da jeweler as he is commonly known, is one of the celebrity jewelers known for providing artists with outstanding pieces of jewelry. He was born to Russian parents but grew up in New York. Benny da jeweler learned his craft from his father, a veteran jeweler in the business for two decades. After only five years in the industry, Benny has already established himself as a household name, and he is taking the high-end custom jewelry scene by storm.

He graduated to the celebrity custom jewelry scene after selling several custom jewelry pieces to Casanova, a renowned rapper. The rapper was amazed by Benny’s pieces and spread the word about Benny’s artistry to his fellow artists. It didn’t take long before he started receiving orders of all kinds from high-end clientele that included Tim Hardaway Jr, the athlete, and Pop Smoke, the rapper.

His creation process is quite simple and involves the client contacting him with a design in mind. He will then sketch a draft and have it redrawn based on your ideas. Carving a final design prototype on a wooden piece follows to give you a three-dimensional view of the design. You are then required to give the go-ahead if it matches your expectations, including the type, quality, and price range. The standard pieces take him close to two weeks to complete, and the larger pieces take close to four weeks.

Benny is a special kind of jeweler, and nowadays, he is fond of running transactions that stretch beyond $10,000. He recently closed a transaction with Mary J. Blige for a cumulative price tag of $250k. Lil Tjay also ordered a custom pendant from Benny, and he had to part with over $100K. Benny is currently working on four pieces of custom jewelry for French Montana, but he is yet to disclose the total cost of the pieces. The most expensive piece he has ever sold was around a quarter of a million dollars.

Being a master of his craft, Benny has established loyal clients who are proud of his creations. Pop Smoke was among Benny’s most loyal clients and gladly promoted his pieces under the tag that he was doing it for his ‘New York boy.’ Diddy perhaps took his loyalty a notch higher by allowing Benny to design an exceptional custom jewelry piece for his mother and gave Benny the opportunity to witness her reaction when he presented it to her for her birthday. Diddy has influenced some of his close friends to become Benny’s clients, helping Benny push his brand.

Benny is looking forward to opening a new branch for his Diamond District store but has not yet decided on the precise location.

You can also be part of his great family by following him on Instagram @bennydajewel.

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