Capitol Hill on Steroids: Round 5


Knoblauch’s testimony is no smoking gun.

Chuck Knoblauch‘s testimony before House investigators says practically nothing bad about Roger Clemens, at least directly. And that appears to be good news for Clemens.

Stricken from the witness list for today’s hearing, which is now all over except for the shouting, Knoblauch lives on in his deposition, which Chair Henry Waxman‘s committee has released. (See it here.)

The anti-Clemens crowd can justifiably point to testimony by Andy Pettitte and Knoblauch to bolster trainer Brian McNamee’s credibility — both said that McNamee injected them. But Knoblauch testified that he knew nothing about Clemens getting any injections from McNamee.

From the Knoblauch deposition:

Q: Did you ever have conversations with [Clemens] about performance-enhancing substances?

A: Never had conversations with Roger about anything
like that.

Q: And did you have any knowledge of anything he might
have been doing?

A: I had no knowledge, none.

Q: Any suspicions when you were playing?

A: No.

Q: Forget now, but — nothing?

A: No.

Q: So there is nothing you would have that’s relevant
to Mr. Clemens?

A: There is nothing I could tell you at all about Roger
Clemens in regards to any of this.

It appears that Waxman mentioned how credible Knoblauch was only insofar as that made McNamee more credible.

Chuck, whose erratic throwing arm forced him out of the game earlier than expected, didn’t throw anything at Clemens than the beefy hurler can’t handle.