Caroline Giuliani Arrested for Shoplifting at Sephora


Uh oh. According to the New York Post, Caroline Giuliani — Rudy’s 20-year-old daughter — was busted for shoplifting today at Sephora of all places, that magical, monstrous beauty store you may have heard of if you are or know of any women or metrosexually inclined fellows. Giuliani was reportedly caught at the store’s Upper East side location at 86th and Lexington at approximately 3:30.

It’s not being reported what she took, and the Sephora mailbox was chock-full when we called, so we’ll speculate for now: Smelly bath and shower gel? Lash-lengthening mascara? Caroline, listen, you go to Harvard! Get yourself one of those Beauty Insider cards; they’ve paid off in quite a lot of savings for us, not to mention free gifts on our birthday!