Cat Fight: Katie Lee vs. Padma





Our friends the Chowhounds debate what really matters this holiday season: which Top Chef host sucked more, Katie Lee or Padma?

For those who have have too much pride to actually read through the debate, we can sum it up for you. They’re both lacking in charisma, but Padma is prettier and therefore more popular. Also, Gail Simmons is annoying. Here are a few excerpts:

“Is there a reason why the Top Chef producers sought out two ladies with monotone voices, vacant eyes, and 22 inch waists to host a cooking competition show?” — megamalone

“She definitely has so much more personality than Katie Lee “I’m so totally a trophy wife” Joel.” — gyp7318

“People watch Padma with the sound on? I thought she was just a pretty face to look at.” — gini

“Katie is a world-class beauty, but sadly has little more pesonality on-camera than a damp cardboard box. Padma’s exotic and wears those designer fashions well, but I think she still falls short of what the host of that show could be.” — LordOfTheGrill

“padma is gorgeous! but having seen her at quite a few parties i have to say that the bad clothes probably are not the work of the producers!” — paparouna

“Not to throw stones in glass houses, but maybe Katie was too much of an uptown girl (had to be a big shot, have the last word, etc) for an innocent man like Chef Tom. Maybe she didn’t want to go changing to try things like clever conversation just to please the producers? Or, perhaps she decided to trade in her Chevy for a Cadillac, i.e., conclude that if hosting Top Chef is moving up then she’s moving out. I hear she’s thinking of becoming a real estate novelist or joining the navy. Then again, you may be right. I may be crazy.” — markp

“If loving Padma is crazy, I don’t want to be sane.” — Atomica

“There’s no comparison really. Padma is much better than Katie who looked chronically constipated.” — jeanki