Catching Them Cheating Doesn’t Have To Spell The End! Here’s Why!


Not every relationship has to fall apart because you find out your partner is cheating.

Yes, one’s initial impulse is usually to start snapping your fingers and flailing your arms while righteously screeching “It’s ovah!” but here are some reasons you might want to rethink that approach:

*You’re convinced that this was a one-shot and they will never indulge in such an indiscretion again, so you don’t mind leaving it behind and moving on with two fingers crossed and the other hand available for sex acts.

*You know it was just sex, nothing meaningful that really can affect your bond in the larger picture.

*You’ve noticed your sex life together waning for a while, and you actually worried that you might not have been doing enough to keep them satisfied. Go on, blame the victim!

*You love the person so much you’re willing to forgive them this little problem, which you vow to work on with them, even if it involves lingerie and three-ways.

*You figure, “If I dump them for someone else, there’s no way to guarantee they’ll be faithful.”

*You’re cheating, too.