Cathie Black Crashes Car After Boozy Hamptons Party


Rich people, they’re just like us: no matter who you are, driving gets harder as the party gets better. Failed New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black couldn’t make it out of a Hamptons driveway after a get-together at which she “was seen enjoying alcoholic beverages,” hitting a tree or two (or three) on her way down until someone stopped her. “She said she was not inebriated,” her publicist explained. “She is not familiar with the driveway. She was coming out of the driveway and looking to the left, because she was told there is a dangerous curve difficult to see around, and hit a tree with her car on the right.” After littering some glass shards and stripping the bark from some trees, Black got a ride home to her own Hamptons mansion. Her SUV stayed put “for a few days, just sitting at the end of the driveway.” She likely has other cars.