Celebrate National Doughnut Day With Breaking Bad–Inspired Methadonuts


June 3 might well be a perfect storm of delicious unhealthiness: the first summer Friday of the truncated work week meets National Doughnut Day. Seems like a good excuse for a beer garden and doughnut mash-up afternoon, right? And Clinton Hall (90 Washington Street; 212-363-6000), the unexpectedly fun Financial District beer garden is bringing it.

“There is nothing better in life than a doughnut. I believe that,” laughs Aristotle Hatzigeorgiou, the owner of the Lure Group, which includes Ambrose Beer & Lobster, Slate, and Governor’s Club.

“So I’m thinking, how could a doughnut be more fun, more interactive? And I remembered Jim Botsacos [the chef who came up with the doughnut recipe] letting me pipe in the fillings, and I thought, that’s some fun everyone could have!”

Which brings us to injectable doughnuts, served warm in a paper bag with syringes sticking out of the top — full of Nutella sauce, raspberry jelly, or salted caramel — ready for you to inject into the light, airy ricotta heart, like the crazy flavor pioneer that you are. Also, blue sugar.

It’s fair to say these are doughnuts with attitude.

“The blue sugar is totally a Breaking Bad thing,” says Hatzigeorgiou. “I am a huge fan! It’s my favorite show. I binge-watch it. It’s epic. And this is an homage. The doughnuts are so good, and so bad at the same time… and the blue sugar looks like crystal meth. The look overall is crazy and intense. We started making the doughnuts about six months ago, and people seem to like them. They’re quite an Instagram hit. I mean, why not have blue sugar? Go for it.”

Since Friday is National Doughnut Day, “Walter White’s Crystal Methadoughnuts” (yes, really) are just $4 a bag instead of the usual $9.

“Picture this,” says Hatzigeorgiou. “You’re in the beer garden, drinking a light Pilsner — like a Radeberger, that’s my favorite — and you’re squirting salted caramel sauce into your doughnut, and the sweetness is perfectly complemented by the beer…then you play giant Jenga, and you’re kicking back with your friends, having a good time. Perfection.”

So that’s that then. Summer Friday. Leaving work early. Beer. Blue injectable doughnuts. And Breaking Bad references galore.