20 Best Celebrity OnlyFans of 2022 (Famous People with OnlyFans)

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In the pre-pandemic world of 2019, the celebrity takeover of the OnlyFans platform was one of the biggest stories on the site. Some of the adult performers who had made their name on the platform were resentful of the big names suddenly showing up and making thousands of dollars in a single day. Others were intrigued by the emergence of celebrities like ebony star Blac Chyna on the site, reasoning that anything that brought in more viewers would ultimately be good for everyone.

Now that the dust has settled and the jangled nerves have been soothed, we felt it was high time to revisit the celebrity issue, and now is a great chance to rank and detail those well known best OnlyFans men and women. The world of celebrity and OnlyFans has clashed in some truly interesting ways, and here are our choices for the top 10 celebrity creators on the platform. Each one of these celebrity onlyfans accounts is tops in its own way, and each one represents the pinnacle of success in its chosen category.

Best OnlyFans: Rising Stars

Best Celebrity & Famous OnlyFans Accounts of 2022

 #1. Bella Thorne – Most Well Known Controversy 

Famous onlyfans sensations do not get any hotter than this. In many ways it was Bella Thorne who started it all, and many hold her responsible for the celebrity takeover of the OnlyFans platform. That controversy, combined with her fame and fortune, have clearly earned Bella Thorne the top spot on our list, and we are sure you will agree. 

When this well known actress first announced that she was opening an OnlyFans account, her followers waited with bated breath, and they eagerly bought up the photographs she put up for sale. This caused some resentment among the long term OnlyFans community, but Bella had the last laugh as her tasteful nude photographs sold out again and again. Now you can see what all the fuss was about when you check out her page and her content.

 #2. Tana Mongeau – Most Successful Instagram Story


In the world of celebrities with onlyfans Tana Mongeau is definitely a household name. If you are on Instagram, you are no doubt familiar with the famous Instagram story, but there was never an Insta story quite like this. Tana Mongeau was already killing it on Instagram, posting a combination of cute and cuddly and hot and steamy photos. Then Instagram cracked down on that kind of content, banning nudity and threatening the livelihoods and visibility of folks like Tana.

Instead of shrinking back into the background, Tana Mongeau quickly changed course, and she found a willing and very happy home on the OnlyFans platform. Now that a few years have passed Tana is killing it on OnlyFans, and her number of followers is continuing to grow day by day. If you missed out on the controversy the first time around, now is your chance to catch up, so check out her page and see what this hot Instagram girl has to offer.

#3. Amber Rose – Biggest Tease


In the world of celebrities with onlyfans accounts Amber Rose is a true standout, in more ways than one. Like some others on our list of top celebrity OnlyFans accounts, Amber Rose was able to use her existing social media following to make an immediate splash on the site. But unlike those others, Amber Rose was decidedly circuitous in the way she approached the situation.

Instead of making a huge splash with the sale of nude photographs and the posting of explicit sex videos, Amber was content to tease her audience, promising bigger, badder and better content than what was allowed on Instagram. The results were very good, and plenty of her Insta followers followed her right over to OnlyFans, earning her a top spot on our list of well known and highly successful celebrity OnlyFans creators.

#4. Austin Mahone – Hottest Pop Singer


Given the adult oriented nature of the site in 2022, it is easy to forget that the creators of the OnlyFans platform had much different plans for the site they launched less than a decade ago. Back then OnlyFans was seen as a way to connect content creators, think singers, writers and mainstream performers, to a willing (and paying) audience, and it is safe to say they were blindsided by the emergence of exotic dancers and homemade porn that soon flooded in. 

In many ways Austin Mahone is a throwback to those earlier days, a pop star that is making it big and racking up subscribers in a big way. Austin is now an established brand in the pop world, but he still routinely posts his new material on his OnlyFans page, giving his subscribers a sneak peek at all those amazing new songs long before the public gets a chance to take a listen. This celeb onlyfans account holder has a great deal to offer, and he is anxious to connect with you today.

#5. Stormy Daniels – Spookiest Content

You may know Stormy Daniels from her infamous one night stand and long running Twitter feuds with former president Donald Trump. You may know her for her equestrian activities and her love of horses. But let’s be honest, you probably know Stormy for her extensive and multiyear porn career, and you surely know her from her two most prominent assets – those surgically augmented tits.

Now Stormy is back and making a splash on OnlyFans, but the content may not be exactly what you expect. You see Stormy has recently begun to reexamine and rediscover her paranormal side, and now she is a full fledged ghost hunter. You can catch her Spooky Babes reality show, or you can see her go live on OnlyFans. No matter which path you choose you are sure to have a spooky and steamy good time.  

#6. Tyga – Best Brand

It should come as no surprise that many of the celebrities on our list are experts at branding. After all, these accomplished men and women have made a name for themselves, in modeling, in acting, in performance and in many other ways. They know how to control their publicity, and they understand the value their names lend to their brands – and their bank accounts.

That having been said, no one does branding quite as well, or as lucratively, as the fashionable Tyga. Tyga maintains both a free and a paid presence on OnlyFans, giving subscribers a glimpse of the hottest content but always leaving them wanting more. If you want to see it all, you will have to sign up for the paid version of the page, but what you find behind that pay wall will be more than worth the money you pay.

#7. Cardi B – Most Anticipated OnlyFans Debut

In the world of celebrity only fans girls, it does not get any hotter, or wetter, than the amazing Cardi B. When your most famous set of lyrics extols the virtues of a Wet Ass Pussy, it is only a matter of time before you show up on the adults oriented OnlyFans platform. Such is the case with Cardi B, a singer and lyricist who is not afraid to let it all hang out. There is no topic too hot, too taboo or too off limits for the great Cardi B, and now that she is on OnlyFans she can literally do whatever she wants. 

The debut of the Cardi B OnlyFans page was much talked about and greatly anticipated, and when it happened it thrilled the hearts of many a long time fan. Cardi B is proof positive that feminine energy, black sex appeal and a bold approach to life can pay off, so why not stop by and see what this accomplished gal has to offer?

#8. Tyler Posey – Most Accomplished OnlyFans Actor


In the past couple of years a growing number of actors have found a happy home on the OnlyFans platform, using their pages to try out their new material, practice their scripts and even solicit advice from their legions of fans. Tyler Posey is a case in point, and this popular actor has made a real name for himself as one often biggest stars in the OnlyFans universe.

You may know Tyler Posey from his role in the popular and queer friendly Now Apocalypse on the STARTZ network, and from his many other performances on stage and screen. If you liked him on TV, you will certainly love him on OnlyFans, especially the shirtless pics he loves to post on a regular and recurring basis.

#9. Aaron Carter – Most Humbling OnlyFans Debut

Celebrities on OnlyFans run the gamut, from porn stars that have made a name for themselves in the world of adult entertainment to mainstream musicians anxious to showcase their songwriting prowess. Some of the celebrities on our list had smooth transitions to the OnlyFans platform, playing on their name recognition to make a quick buck, debut their new material and connect with their fans in an entirely new way. For others, however, the road to OnlyFans stardom was much more rocky, and such is the case with the now popular Aaron Carter. 

When Aaron Carter first set up his OnlyFans platform, he apparently viewed the idea as a way to make some quick cash, but the amount he was charging for full access to his material did not go over well with his would-be subscribers. Humbled, Aaron went back and started over, and now his subscriptions are both affordable and deeply rewarding. If you would like to see what all the fuss was about, just stop by and check out his newly revamped OnlyFans page.

#10. Shea Coulee – Most Fun Drag Queen 

There are plenty of drag queens on the OnlyFans platform, and the trans community is well represented her as well. Even so, none of those drag beauties are quite as fun, quite as engaging or quite as beautiful as the lovely Shea Coulee. Whether you are a curious newcomer to the world of drag or a long time fan of programs like Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you will find a lot to love when you check out Shea Coulee’s presence on the OnlyFans platform.

Shea is perhaps best known for her spot on the All Stars 5, and for her winning performance at the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Those wins alone are proof of her drag prowess, and you can see her in all her drag glory when you stop by her OnlyFans page. This is the perfect time to sign up, so why not make 2022 your year? 

#11. Daniel Newman – Best Walking Dead Crossover

Famous only fans celebs do not get any more fun than this. You might not expect to find zombies on the OnlyFans platform, and you certainly would not expect a reference to the popular zombie themed Walking Dead franchise. But this is the Internet, and anything is possible, and there does indeed exist a Walking Dead crossover.

That Walking Dead crossover takes the form of the popular Daniel Newman, and you are sure to have a great time when you check out his page. As a veteran of the enduringly popular show, Daniel Newman has a lot of stories to tell, and he loves to use his platform as an OnlyFans creator to talk about those times, all while showcasing his latest projects. If you love zombies, this is the page for you, so why not make this the year you check it out?

#12. Milk – Biggest Drag Star

When you are as famous and as undeniably hot as Milk, you only need one name to describe yourself, and that is definitely the case with Milk. With a screen name like Big and Milky, you know exactly what you are getting, and when you sign up for this page you will not be disappointed. 

Milk is a true standout in the drag scene, and one of the most popular celebrities on the entire OnlyFans platform. If you are curious about the world of drag and want to chat one on one with a certified drag queen superstar, you could do a lot worse than a subscription to this page.

#13. Plastique Tiara – Hottest Drag Race Contestant

When it comes to celebs with onlyfans accounts, the world of drag is certainly well represented, and for good reason. If you are a fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you may remember this hot and smoky drag queen from season 11 of the show. Plastique Tiara made a real name for herself on the show with her charm, her intelligence and her sense of adventure, and now she is bringing all of those things, and much more, to the OnlyFans platform. 

Now that her OnlyFans page is up and running, Plastique Tiara uses that space to post and share exclusive content, but her goals go far beyond the monetary. Her ultimate goal is to make the world a better place, not a minor ambition for a well known drag queen and activist. By fighting back against discrimination and ongoing prejudice, Plastique Tiara is giving back in the best way possible, so why not join her in her fight by signing up for her page? 

#14. Bretman Rock – Best YouTube Crossover 

Some of the most accomplished OnlyFans stars hail from the world of social media, and crossovers from the likes of Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok are not uncommon. What is less common is a bonafide YouTube star making the transition, and Bretman Rock is the best example we could think of. When it comes to famous people with onlyfans, they do not get any more engaging than this.

Bretman Rock has long been a star on the mainstream video sharing service, and he has made a big name for himself on the site. During his time on YouTube Bretman has become well known as a makeup expert, and men and women everywhere tune in regularly for the latest tips and tricks. Now that he has made the jump to OnlyFans, Bretman can continue to dole out that makeup advice, but he also has much more freedom to post whatever he likes.

#15. Ryan Kelley – Best Teen Wolf Crossover

There are plenty of actors on the OnlyFans site, but only one bonafide Teen Wolf star. If you are a fan of goofball comedy and hot werewolves, you no doubt remember the Teen Wolf franchise, and now is your chance to get to know one of its stars.

Ryan Kelley loves to share his memories of the screen with his OnlyFans subscribers, but he also loves to chat about the present. If you want to connect with an actor on a personal and intimate level, now is your chance, so do not let it pass you by.

#16. The Vixen – Most Well Named


There are plenty of hot foxy drag queens on the OnlyFans platform, and the well named The Vixen is arguably one of the best and most well known. You may remember The Vixen from her turn on the Drag Race reality TV show, a program that has launched many careers, including hers. 

Now that she is so well known, The Vixen is playing on that celebrity status, and setting up one of the best and most fun pages on the entire platform. If you would like to see what she is up to, just stop by and see what this hot drag queen is posting.

#17. Blac Chyna – Hottest OnlyFans Model

When well-known model and reality TV show star first announced that she would be joining the OnlyFans platform, many fans thought the news was too good to be true? Could it really be that this hot African babe would soon be baring it all and showing off for the camera, much to the delight of avid viewers everywhere?

That news turned out to be entirely true, and Blac Chyna quickly made a name for herself on the platform. Now subscribers can gain exclusive access to everything she posts, connecting with their favorite model and reality TV star on a more personal and intimate level than they ever could have dreamed of. If you would like to join them all it will cost you is the price of a subscription.

#18. Gravity Balmain – Best Nude Content


You may know Gravity Balmain from his stint on the show Legendary, long a staple of the popular HBO Max platform. You may also know this standout star for the legendary launch of his OnlyFans page, an event that took place on New Year’s Eve. Gravity chose to ring in 2021 in a big way, launching his presence on the OnlyFans platform and welcoming his fans to join in on the party.

Gravity Balmain also knows that his fans are not made of money, and that is why his is one of the most affordable subscriptions among the celebrity crowd on the site. For just $20 a month subscribers can sign up, chat and connect with this popular actor on a personal level – a bargain at twice the price.

#19. Harry Jowsey – Hottest Aussie Celeb

If living in Australia feels exotic, you are not alone. With the likes of Crocodile Dundee leading the way, many non-Aussies have some very strange ideas of what life is like down under, but Harry Jowsey is here to set things straight and give you an inside glimpse of what his daily life is like.

You may know Harry Jowsey from his wildly popular Netflix Show, aptly named Too Hot to Handle. That is a great moniker for not only the show but for Harry’s presence on the OnlyFans site, so why not sign up and see what is behind the curtain? 

#20. Bhad Bhabie – Best Dr. Phil Crossover


At first glance the famously staid Dr. Phil and the famously wild OnlyFans platforms do not appear to have much in common. You may know Dr. Phil from his association with Oprah, and for his steady stream of romance scam victims, endangered marriages and out of control teens, but there is more crossover with OnlyFans than you might think.

Bhad Bhabie is perhaps most well known for her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, but she was able to parlay that 15 minutes of fame into a thriving career on social media, and now on the OnlyFans platform. You may remember this celebrity OnlyFans standout as the Cash Me Outside girl, and now she is making cash, and proving the naysayers wrong, with her presence on the OnlyFans platform. With her eclectic mix of rapping, rhyming and wild and out of control behavior, Bhad Bhabie has catapulted her way to our top 20 list of celebrity OnlyFans contributors, so why not sign up and see what this bad girl is all about?


Just as in the real world, the universe of OnlyFans celebrity content is an incredibly popular place. There is something about celebrity that sparks curiosity, creates community and encourages fans to connect with the men and women they look up to in any way they can. When it comes to celebrity content on the OnlyFans platform, you can find everything from teens and MILFs to trans and drag queens, everything from accomplished singers and actresses to up and coming comedians and writers. In compiling this list we have looked at it all, scouring the web for the best, the brightest and the most engaging, and now we turn it over to you, our loyal readers.

The world of OnlyFans is a vast and multifaceted place, and the celebrity section of the site is among the most eclectic. Here you will find singers and songwriters trying out their new material, comedians testing their latest jokes, reality TV stars catching up with their fans and even past Dr. Phil guests doubling down on their bad behavior.

If you are curious about the world of celebrity crossovers and OnlyFans, we invite you to check out the 20 men and women on our list. Each one of these celebrities has something unique to offer, and each one offers real value for the cost of a subscription. Whether you agree wholeheartedly with our rankings of the top 20 or find fault with where we placed them, we are sure you will have a great time exploring. Now that you know what to look for, you can rely on your sense of adventure to start exploring.

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