Charlie Sheen Is Way Too Old to Get Wasted


Last night, while I was at a very civilized party at the Plaza for Driving Miss Daisy, Charlie Sheen was naked, inebriated, and in a rage in his trashed suite at the same hotel.

According to the Post, police were called to the scene and Sheen was sent to a hospital for unknown reasons.

Charlie Sheen is 45.

Isn’t that about 23 years too old for that kind of behavior?

Shouldn’t there be an age cap on how old you’re allowed to be to get utterly wasted and pathetically messy?

I think you should be allowed to do that through college and just a couple of years after that, as you adapt to the real world.

But 45?

Yes, I know I’m old and go to nightclubs, but at least I sip soda and just do my job.