Chaz Bono On Cher’s Reactions To Her Son


In Chaz Bono‘s new book, Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, Chaz talks about the different approaches taken by dad Sonny Bono and mama Cher.

Writes Chaz:

“With my dad, I was comfortable and happy.

“He treated me like the boy I felt myself to be.”

But Cher would say insensitive things like, “You walk like a truck driver. You dress like a slob.”

Says Chaz, “I heard again and again how she thought I was too masculine.”

Years later, when Chaz told her he was transitioning, the stuff really hit.

Cher reacted positively at first, but once she was faced with the reality, she was devastated.

She even said she couldn’t talk to Chaz or see him for the time being! She had to break off communication!

Writes Chaz, “I decided to take this request as a need to grieve the loss of her daughter.”


I still adore Cher and always will, but I have to admit I thought that someone who was such a groundbreaker herself would be a little cooler in these left-of-center situations.