Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, Chinatown


Prior to the afternoon parade, the floats lined up on Mott Street.

The Chinese Year of the Dragon began Monday, January 23, 2012. The new year is 4710. Today marked the 13th anniversary of the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade, which has become increasingly popular each year, so that now the streets are thronged with celebrants and observers. Here are some photos from this year’s parade.

Poppers were for sale on every corner …

… leaving sparkles and confetti on every surface.

Frighteningly, one float featured clowns.

There were dragon heads aplenty.

Mott Street was a sea of red — an auspicious color.

Spectators vied for the best view along Canal Street.

The “creamy ham, chicken, and corn spaghetti” I ate for lunch at Coluck.

16 Elizabeth Street