Colicchio, Ripert, Dufresne, and Chang Have Their Treme Moment


As anticipated, Tom Colicchio, Wylie Dufresne, David Chang, and Eric Ripert popped up on Treme last night. In the clip above, they show up at Patois, a NOLA restaurant run by chef Janette Desautel. They’re introduced by a waitress, who tells Desautel that “four guys with a lot of attitude walked in. They’re dropping John Besh’s name, but no reservations. Should I tell them 40 minutes?”

Colicchio, is, unsurprisingly, the most natural in front of a camera and gets the majority of the lines, while Ripert is effortlessly telegenic and Dufresne and Chang hover in the background. Deciding that “we can’t out-New York a bunch of New York chefs; we lowball ’em,” Desautel serves them sweet potato and andouille shrimp soup, rabbit kidneys skewered with lardons of Benton’s bacon, and sweetbreads and crawfish over grits. Although notes that Desuatel’s character is “prone to romantic errors of judgment,” she displays excellent acumen when it comes to menu selection.