Congratulations to the Death Set for Puking on a Girl in the Front Row at SXSW


Mad Decent, Jelly, and I Heart Comix joined brand forces during South By SXSW to throw a three-day Austin Carniville, a main-stage show space encircled with candy apples, a funnel-cake booth, and a roving pink monster. Major Lazer headlined on Saturday, and Rebecca Smeyne’s photos of an airborne Skerrit Bwoy attest to the night’s insanity. But how must the craziness have compared to Friday afternoon, when Johnny Siera, firecracker frontman of spaz-rock trio the Death Set, actually puked on an audience member? Yeah, it happened, though he’s sorry.

Given that the B-more dude later got so “twisted” that he missed his flight home from Texas, we’re inclined to think Siera’s sickness wasn’t caused by too many spins on the Zero Gravity ride. But lest he earn the distinction of the most proudly trashed musician at SXSW, consider the Twitter-confirmed story of Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx drummer Jorma Vik Super-Gluing the blisters on his fingers shut to play, drinking himself sober, and upchucking in between songs. #capitalyikes is right. [LA Weekly]