Contest: “These So-Called Cubanos”


Thomas Vicari, the exuberant and very confident owner of Casa Havana, has issued a challenge through our inbox:

I have eaten and tested over a thousand of these so called cubanos. I have perfected the perfect cuban sandwich.I would like to challenge anyone who says they have the best cuban sandwich! I would like to have your paper The village Voice hold the contest and let the people vote.

So, readers, we need some audience participation here. Where can a person get a good cuban sandwich these days? The city’s options have dwindled dramatically, sadly. We stopped by Casa Havana to anonymously sample Mr. Vicari’s creation and were surprised by the addition of raw garlic. But let’s let the people vote.

Send your picks to [email protected], or simply comment on this post by next Thursday, Valentines Day. The results on Friday, February 15!

Casa Havana
190 Eighth Avenue