Could Nicole Kidman Get An Oscar AND A Razzie For The Same Performance?


I discussed that in a spicy and informative webcam interview with’s Tom O’Neil.

I pointed out that Nicole Kidman is getting Oscar nomination buzz for her role as a human Barbie in The Paperboy, even though her perf wasn’t terribly good–with the emphasis on terribly.

Tom points out that two other performers legendarily got Oscar and Razzie noms for the same performance–Amy Irving for Yentl and James Coco for Only When I Laugh.

Nicole could easily join their hallowed company!

What an incredible honor!

Tom and I also discuss the Lincoln juggernaut, the Oscars’ weird relationship with Spielberg, Anne Hathaway‘s recent hooha flashing, and whether Pi will take a slice of Oscar home with it.

Watch the clip and you will surely be a winner.