Coup in Review: Another Useless Special Session; Krueger an “Optimist” Despite “Corruption”


In case you’re wondering, they did have another special session of the state senate on Sunday. The Democrats-minus-Espada met, had no quorum, and left; the Republicans-plus-Espada met, had no quorum, and left. They’ve got this thing down to a science. Each side had a moment of silence, we’re not sure why — Billy Mays, maybe.

Governor Paterson, fresh from his Gay Pride appearance, met with the Democrats-minus-Espada and had what sounds like a meaningless discussion. “They don’t agree with some of the public positions that I have taken… I thought that everybody put their issues on the table,” said the Gov. Sigh.

State senator Liz Krueger gives her take at the Huffington Post: “We’ve seen an illegal coup engineered by a billionaire, possible corruption of office… If someone actually wrote the screenplay, no one would believe that such events could actually take place in an advanced democracy in 2009.” (What is she talking about? By now we’re all firm believers in such events.) She claims that other shadowy Albany figures “have rushed to claim equal bragging rights to have purchased the coup.” Nonetheless, she says, “I am an optimist and believe that if I persevere we will ultimately be able to make real progress.” Here our own faith wavers, but being in the thick of it Krueger probably needs to believe more than we do.