Deadly Degrees: Kevin Bacon on Playing the Bad Guy

“I only really like good complex roles.”


Kevin Bacon is a huge star and one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, but, as writer Lina Lecaro points out, “he’s also a chill yet engaging interview.”

Appearing in the new socially conscious dark horror/drama They/Them (They “Slash” Them), which debuted on Peacock TV last week, Bacon told Lecaro that he was hoping the film, which pays homage to ’70s slasher films, could help “a young person—maybe in a very conservative community or someone that’s closeted or feeling bullied or just kind of struggling with issues of identity—could see someone like themselves up on the screen and feel a sense of empowerment and a sense of identifying with these characters. That was an interesting idea to me, and why I wanted to be involved.”

There’s plenty more in the interview, including a discussion of that whole “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” thing from the ’90s—”his name will forever be attached to what could be called a meme before there were memes, or a hashtag before there were hashtags.”

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