Dish No. 91: Roast Carrot Salad at ABC Kitchen


Given the bounty of veggie delights there, it’s really hard to go wrong at locavore hot spot ABC Kitchen. But you will certainly never be disappointed should you order what’s become the restaurant’s signature dish, the roast carrot salad.

A carrot salad sounds about as sexy as a coffee enema, but this rendition is as good as it gets. It will blow every carrot salad you have ever eaten out of the water. Small, tender bright-orange spears are roasted until sweet, then tossed with slices of avocado, a bevy of sprouts and seeds, a few sourdough croutons, and a small dollop of sour cream. The softness of the vegetables nicely contrasts with the crunch of the seeds, and the richness of the sour cream and avocado elevates this salad from similar bird-food-esque salads. A spritz of lemon adds a crescendo of tang, completing this otherwise perfect symphony of a dish.