Download: Effi Briest, “Rhizomes”


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Brooklyn’s Effi Briest channel the best of rhythm-centric ’70s post-punk and transmute it into a modern swoon. Remarkably sparse and efficient for a band with six damn people in it, Effi Breist treat each different noise with respect, creating a bleak, rattley dub-punk that’s murky but never muddy–a feat that belies drummer Corrine Jones, who recently told the New York Press, “I just asked a lot of friends if they wanted to get together and make some noise with me.” Their noise sounds precise and measured on the band’s debut LP, Rhizomes (just out on Sacred Bones), a dizzy swirl of perfectly “off” percussion and haunting drones that also masquerades as full-fledged dance music. Think if the Slits did a murky 12″ for Italians Do It Better, or LiLiPUT had a mysterious alter-ego on Ze, or Siouxsie Sioux started covering Death By Audio bands. The title track of Rhizomes is also the album’s longest, a slow building kraut doodle that emerges from swampy waters into transcendent, dirt-in-yr-hair shout-and-croon.

Download: Effi Briest, “Rhizomes”

Effi Briest on “Rhizomes”

What is “Rhizomes” about?

Corinne Jones, drummer: Multiplicity. We tend to get excited by the idea of abstracted places, landscapes, and what it might sound like there. Then like a rhizome the songs grow equilaterally with everyone contributing in their way.

There’s a sense this has something to do with city life. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about living in New York?

Sara Shaw, guitarist: My favorite thing about being in New York is the ability to connect and collaborate with so many interesting and talented people. My least favorite thing, aside from the short supply of trees and natural beauty, is the sometimes stifling pressure created by the expectation of constant creative engagement and productivity.
Jones: Living here it’s easy to conjure up other dimensions–could be in your mind or could be right next door. These possibilities keep everything feeling fluid even when the city is abrasive.

When you go out dancing, what music do you like to dance to?

Jones: Like a five year old, I’ll dance to anything but my favorite DJ is Hiro Kone.
Elizabeth Hart, bassist: Yeah, I will dance anywhere and to pretty much everything. I second Hiro Kone.

Where did the promo photo in the dome come from?

Jones: That was at our friend Josh’s place upstate, The Outlier, where we were recording. The dome was crushed by snow last winter though, sadly.
Hart: The acoustics in the dome were insane! If you shook a maraca in one spot, it would sound entirely different when shaking it two feet to the left.

Whats your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Kelsey Barrett, vocalist/keyboardist:
There is so much amazing food around here these days.Those of us in Brooklyn frequent Roberta’s, Saltie, La Superior, Diner… Bep is doing great Vietnamese too.
Hart: Snacky, Relish, Marlow and Sons, Moto… Yum, I don’t know. There are so many.

Effi Breist are one of the 40 bands playing the totally indispensible NY Eye & Ear Fest on Saturday, May 22 at the Knitting Factory. The line-up also features no shortage of YIMBY alumni, including Twin Stumps, Liturgy, Love Like Deloreans, Pop 1280, Blondes, Naam and so much more!

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