Drag Queens Need To Update Their Acts


I love drag queens more than life itself, and I appreciate the timeless appeal of their Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, and Eartha Kitt impressions. It’s important to keep those amazing legends alive!

But if these impersonators don’t mix it up and start updating their acts a little, they’re going to become as obsolete as the Fire Island meat rack.

I was thrilled a few years ago to see the drags finally doing Britney Spears, even if it was only because her messy VMA’s appearance had spawned worldwide mockery.

At least they were including someone current in their acts.

But they need to try more of that! Too often drag queens excuse their way out of this, telling me, “The current divas don’t have mannerisms worth copying.”

As Bette Davis would say, “Pshaw!” That’s just old fogey talk!

Surely amazing acts can be concocted out of aping Pink, Fergie, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Susan Boyle.

Not to mention Adam Lambert.

Freshen up or die, bitches. There’s more to life than just Cher.