Drew Blumenthal Shows Young Entrepreneurs How to Scale a Business To 6-7 Figures

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Life as an entrepreneur is challenging; your organization solely depends on you, from overseeing cash flows to hiring people. However, there are lots of successful entrepreneurs who achieve their status by starting from nothing. Entrepreneurs can scale their businesses to become reputable brands and attain multi-millionaire status if willing to go the extra mile. Here is a story of a young entrepreneur, Drew Blumenthal, who built a 7-figure business despite the trying times he faced.

Drew Blumenthal is the founder and CEO of Digital Drew SEM. The young entrepreneur is the brains of the ad agency, and his journey began in his early 20s. He has built a team of over ten people dedicated to driving actual results. Drew is always striving to help people succeed as the digital landscape gets more demanding and competitive daily.

Digital Drew SEM is growing into an ad giant and has been a Top agency by Expertise for two consecutive years. The business has been a Google Premier and Facebook Marketing Partner. It is also one of the top companies in its line of business.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur wasn’t easy, and Drew Blumenthal has had a fair share of struggles. Starting the business from scratch at 24 was very hard, especially with no business experience, and he had to figure it all out on his own.

He began by leveraging SEO to build a website ranked on platforms. These were trying times for Drew as he had lost his mother at 21; she was fighting cancer when he was in college and later succumbed to the disease. Despite all the challenges, he kept a tunnel vision, and his determination and hard work were the key ingredients to building the 7-figure ad agency.

Drew is the ideal example of how grit and perseverance can help you overcome all challenges to become successful. He often asserts, “Be the person you want to be, and client satisfaction which is key to making any business successful will follow. Endeavor to go the extra mile for people, and they will remember it. Also, be kind and professional and focus on your goals, this will help you go a long way.”

Despite a rough start, the future is bright for Digital Drew SEM, and Drew Blumenthal aims to grow his ad agency past the seven figures. Drew also aspires to write a book and inspire millions of people worldwide. He also wishes to be an influencer in the digital space and help people learn how to make money in America and the global scene at large. One of Drew’s utmost desires is to feature in Good Morning America and The Today Show.

Unarguably, advertising is a crucial aspect of almost all businesses. Drew is the person to beat when it comes to demonstrating practicable ways of leveraging knowledge in this space and achieving real-time results. He is also the perfect mentor for anyone exploring the entrepreneurial space.

He conveniently claims a top spot as one of the best thought leaders in marketing and advertising, and you can reach him through the Digital Drew SEM’s official website or his Instagram page.

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